The more I read about John McCain, the more I cringe.
In September 2008 Condoleezza Rice traveled to Libya to have talks with Gadhafi. And just a few days before the 2008 presidential election, Bush signed a settlement under which Libya compensated families of victims of Lockerbie and other 80s-era attacks.

Who else was involved in the effort to forge better ties with Gadhafi? John McCain. In August 2009 he led a delegation of senators including fellow hawks Lindsey Graham and Joe Lieberman on a trip to visit the Libyan leader in Tripoli. Discussed during the visit was delivery of — get this — American military equipment to Gadhafi (a man with American blood on his hands no less).”

I understand that perhaps it wasn’t McCain’s decision in full to go to Libya in 2008, but to act as if it never happened, while ordering men to put their lives in jeopardy, does not inspire confidence. To paraphrase Bierce, John McCain has lied so much and so notoriously that he has neither the legal nor moral right to tell the truth.

Leave this one to the kids, Senator.

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