The Daily Beast – Newsweek merger apparently is not doing too well in terms of web traffic, with Newsweek plunging and The Daily Beast stagnant.

How desperate is The Daily Beast to make the Newsweek merger work?

When I clicked over from a link at HotAir, it brought up this pop-up, which prevented further viewing unless you did something to get rid of it:

I didn’t pay much attention to it, much less bother to read the fine print; it was, after all, just an annoying pop-up. So I clicked on the large “X” in the image to get rid of it, but instead it led to another screen to purchase a subscription to Newsweek:

The Great Daily Beast – Newsweek merger has come to tricking viewers in order to hawk a has-been magazine rarely seen outside doctors’ waiting rooms.

The Daily Beast may be a winner, and may have won the Grand Prize.  And all it had to do for a chance to win was purchase the ultimate subscription to Newsweek.

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