I’ve read so far is from Bob Costa of National Review:

Walker knows that his Badger State battles have only begun. Facing down on-the-lam Democrats — and winning — was a relief; closing a $3.6 billion budget gap will be a higher-order task.

Earlier this month, Walker took to the floor of the state assembly to outline his biennial fiscal agenda. The budget-repair bill was but an appetizer. Walker’s full menu features $4.2 billion in cuts, a near 7 percent reduction in state spending. If passed, over $700 million in education funds and over $1 billion in county and municipal aid would be carved out. The state’s Medicaid budget would be cut by $500 million. Over 20,000 government jobs would be eliminated. The state commerce department would disappear.

…. “I am taking them seriously,” Walker says. “It is clear that the national union bosses have come in and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions of dollars, on television ads already. They are making this personal; they are out to punish senators. But I think when the voters look at the [budget-repair bill], they will realize that world didn’t come to an end and that the scare tactics were false.”

The whole piece is worth reading. It gives a good explanation of why Scott Walker did what he did by coming out of the gate with guns blazing.

I’m happy to see he’s making a concerted effort with “the tough decisions.”
His predecessors certainly didn’t.

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