Tim Pawlenty has hired Lucas Biaino to help spice up Pawlenty’s image, according to HuffPo:

His job is to make Pawlenty appear larger than life. And he’s good at it.

“Lucas can make rather emotionless things emotional, so good for the rap on Pawlenty!” emailed veteran GOP admaker Fred Davis, who produced Carly Fiorina’s memorable “Demon Sheep” ad last year.

Baiano’s 90-second video for Pawlenty’s book tour, released in January, bears all the distinctive trademarks of Baiano’s style: stirring music that builds and builds; sound effects more often heard in feature film previews; perhaps most distinctively, a cinematographic style that mixes off-center head shots with herky-jerky behind the scenes moments, spliced with the clever use of iconographic historical footage, all edited so that the images come flying at you at a breakneck speed, providing an energy that combines with a more rhythmic overall pacing.

I wasn’t thrilled with Baiano’s prior videe, but maybe I was not used to taking my Pawlenty spicy.

I’m coming around to the possibility.

But I reject the suggestion that Pawlenty follow in the footsteps of Dale Peterson (actually, this entire post is just an excuse to replay one of the two best campaign ads ever):

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