Bill Maher ’78, the most deranged and arrogant Cornell alum on the air by default since Olbermann was pulled, managed to make a news story into an insult about Sarah Palin for the millionth time.
[On Charlie Sheen] “So yes, it’s childish, it’s needlessly defensive, it makes no sense. So if you ever wondered what it would be like if Sarah Palin was on coke.”
It’s not even so much that the joke was malicious and cruel – that’s his MO. What makes me madder than usual is that there are literally thousands of memes and jokes floating around the internet about Charlie Sheen that are hilarious by just commenting on his content alone! He’s actively going out of his way to make a very detached and unfunny joke. His agenda is so obvious. (Here’s a better joke to start off a show — “So I hear John Galliano is designing for Hugo Boss now.”)

On the other hand, though, Sarah Palin must really get under his skin if he can’t go a week or two without making totally unrelated slights towards her.


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