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So if you ever wondered how desperate Maher was to show his PDS

So if you ever wondered how desperate Maher was to show his PDS

Bill Maher ’78, the most deranged and arrogant Cornell alum on the air by default since Olbermann was pulled, managed to make a news story into an insult about Sarah Palin for the millionth time.
[On Charlie Sheen] “So yes, it’s childish, it’s needlessly defensive, it makes no sense. So if you ever wondered what it would be like if Sarah Palin was on coke.”
It’s not even so much that the joke was malicious and cruel – that’s his MO. What makes me madder than usual is that there are literally thousands of memes and jokes floating around the internet about Charlie Sheen that are hilarious by just commenting on his content alone! He’s actively going out of his way to make a very detached and unfunny joke. His agenda is so obvious. (Here’s a better joke to start off a show — “So I hear John Galliano is designing for Hugo Boss now.”)

On the other hand, though, Sarah Palin must really get under his skin if he can’t go a week or two without making totally unrelated slights towards her.


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When I read that remark the soundtrack I hear in the background is the immortal Beatles singing,

"I want you. I want you so bad. I want you so bad it's driving me mad…."

She's so sexy, it drives him nuts. After all he has only his hand to make love to.

Maher, like Olbermann, is an evil SOB.

He wants government running everything, doesn't want us to ride horses, yet preaches that we should legalize crack cocaine in the name of 'freedom' with a straight face. What a joke.

Oh, and he calls himself libertarian. Yup, gotta love those pro-socialist, anti-second amendment "libertarians." Does he even know what the word means?

He's just another far left, hypocritical, incoherent, vitriolic, contradictory piece of garbage.

He's just mad because she's not one of those easy girl hookers he's used to. A real woman of character and virtue just drives him nuts.

I agree it is tiresome for the same things to be said over and over about Palin. It's just astounding to many of us Dems that she remains some sort of GOP icon.

Even so, he was wrong.

Yeah, the libertarian self-lablel is a joke. I was watching Greg Gutfeld being interviewed one time, and the interviewer said something like, "… other libertarians, such as Bill Maher …" and Gutfeld politely told her Maher was no libertarian.

I know that Dennis Miller considers Maher a friend, but said he doesn't like talking politics with him now because the last time they got into a discussion, Maher started poking him in the chest while emphasizing his points.

Another lefty with anger issues.

laurie did you ever consider she may be remaining a GOP icon precisely because so many Dems can't help trashing her? From where I sit PDS is fun to watch, and a ton less rational.

@laurie: What makes you hate her so? If she's stupid, why bother? If she's not "viable", what's the big deal? The left tells us people hate what they fear. You folks are REALLY afraid of Palin.

Why are the Dems so afraid of Palin? You have to wonder – could it be that she is the only one with the cahones to tip over the gravy trough they've all got their snouts in?

I saw a brief clip of Mr. Maher on the news a few years back and hanging on to his arm was an exceptionally fine whore- a tall statuesque negress wrapped in white furs. I was green with envy!


Its really very simple. Sarah is a self made woman unlike Hillary for example. Palins record in her 14 yrs of elected office TOWERs over that of Obama. We just don't understand how you folks can ignore their past records and base your opinion on a few speeches and soundbites. Try comparing their records up until 2008. If we always choose the best public salesmen we could have the Sham Wow man for President. Maybe we did.

I am quite sure that the left obsesses about her more than the right idolizes her. Actually I think people who resonate with her don't believe in worshipping false idols.

It really boils down to this the left (feminists in particular) expect all women to be chained to their tribal mores of their white man hating collective dystopia or be ripped to shreds. They have become the devil that they sought to destroy.

PLEASE nominate her.

Brynmor, they're not afraid of Sarah Palin. You have to understand what she is to them: Emmanuel Goldstein.

Oh, I will give Maher this: He has a featured role in one of my favorite movies, "Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death."

I love that you really believe we liberals are all scared of Sarah Palin. I hope this leads to you nominating her. Besides, you're all so kind to Michelle Obama how dare we make jokes about the snotty, sarcastic little cheerleader you idolize.

When it comes to evil, maybe you should consider the people who whine that 250,000 isn't rich and then go ape that teachers dare to make 40,000 in a country where our kids are blockheads. And CEOs need their bonuses to keep the talent because they've all done such a terrific job. Teachers, however, should take a bath because who needs good teachers? All they do is teach kids facts, which are by nature the enemy of Conservatism everywhere.

I can't speak for all Democrats, but those I know are offended that she was ever on the Republican ticket for President of the United States.

It was unbelievable that McCain was so cynical and falsely ambitious that he found this unqualified person to be his understudy for President of the United States. I can't remember. They did have one conversation before this, right?

Dems get worked up because she has actually been on the ticket. And he didn't look too healthy.

I read the post about letting her run and honoring the tea partiers so they'll show up to vote in November. That made me feel a little better.

BTW you guys are really funny. But Dennis, ths Sham Wow man passed.

Yeah, and I can't believe this country voted in this highly unqualified person it "idolized" as President.

"Idolize" Sarah Palin? You leftists keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

Sarah Palin was the only qualified executive in the race and the last two years have proven that over and over.

May God bless Sarah Palin!

Sarah Palin has shown the fortitude needed to make the right changes to restore our country to the principles and practices that made it great in the first place.

President Palin 2012