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Should I Punish Myself?

Should I Punish Myself?

Via The Cornell Insider:

“[The Cornell University Program Board] is excited to present An Evening with Keith Olbermann ’79 on March 29th at 6:00 PM in Bailey Hall! Olbermann needs no introduction, but in case you’re unaware, he is a writer and political commentator who until recently hosted the nightly program Countdown with Keith Olbermann on MSNBC.”

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Who better to review and comment on his 'brilliance'?

Hell I would go. I enjoy comedy as much as the next person. It is a shame he won't be appearing with that guy Maddow. That would truly be a show worth watching.

Who better to partake of the Q & A than you… (I assume there will be one at the end?)

Professor, you have to go!! Engage him in any Q & A time and have someone there with a videocamera to record your first-round KO of K.O.

Nah, professor. Olberman won't say anything you haven't already heard.

But it would be interesting to find out who invited him and how much they are paying him.

Professor, you misunderstood the reason he is being invited to speak.

He is lecturing in the Animal Husbandry department on the influence of bovine feces on modern journalism, with a poignant refection upon his own struggles with bovine spongiform encephalopathy.

As a law professor, clearly you're not qualified to give such a lecture.

(Just so you all know, I graduated from a "cow college", too, except I do not torture my fellow man with the fruits of my education.)


Actually, you have no choice — you have to report on the event, to counter lamestream media adulation …

Perhaps you should consult the greatest Rebel hero of all time for an answer to your quandary:

Yes, do it, and gather whatever exclusive content that you can….That's the difference between content creation and aggregation, right? A little Gonzo never hurt anybody.



"Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"

I say yes! During the Q&A;, you can ask which he studied harder for: his cow college degree or his prostrate exam.
In all seriousness, I am too fond of you to want you to sit through his drivel.

"Should I Punish Myself?"

NO …

I wouldn't waste one minute listening to that guy. If he were a reasonable liberal, yes. But he isn't. I think you may be listening to someone who's a tad nuts. Huckabee recently made the comment that Matthews is probably going the same way Sheen is. I think both Olbermann and Matthews are already there.

Have you been bad?

Bad enough to voluntarily subject yourself to the self-satisfied rantings of Olby before what will obviously be a crowd of psychofants (yes, I did that deliberately)?

Please don't punish yourself Professor! Penance for what? He's not worth the time, money & effort.

"Watch as I milk a cash cow using only the finger I wrote my (very) Special Comments with."

wv: "clinstab" Olby has issues.