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Sheen & Gaddafi: Blurry Lines

Sheen & Gaddafi: Blurry Lines

Recently, Charlie Sheen has been in the news acting erratic. Thankfully, he hasn’t been elected to office yet, (though I’m sure more Americans know him than the Speaker of the House) so maybe it could be worse….

A recent Guardian online quiz, though, shows the incredibly blurry line between the crazy Sheen and the crazier Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi. I thought it was hilarious, but if Gaddafi isn’t ousted it will just be frightening. Almost as frightening as this headline, which reads U.N. Poised to Praise Libya’s Human Rights Record.’ (Did you know we pay money to be in that organization?)

My score was 5. What was yours?

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Professor! You're a girl!!

Charlie Sheen attended my high school, Santa Monica High (as did Sean Penn and the other Malibu Brat Packers).

My best friend's younger brother was the same age and had a few classes with Charlie. He said Charlie was the stupidest person he had ever met. Even back then, Charlie was Charlie. I met Sean Penn once through a mutual friend … can't say I was at all impressed with him, either.

8 out of 10. Seems I understand that Sheen is probably more bat guano crazy than even Gaddafi, although Gaddafi has more fashion sense (LOL).

Blurrier (is that a word?) than I realized. I got a 4. If only I'd known that Charlie has a sabre.

sort of runic rhyme | March 1, 2011 at 4:02 pm

Gaddafi's fashion sense is an accessory to murder.

OTOH, and lucky for Sheen, how could a half acre of military ribbons on bowling shirts NOT be cool?

sort of runic rhyme | March 1, 2011 at 4:29 pm

Galliano could be fabulous at the House of Charlie, Mel and Muammar.

only a 4… hard to tell which is crazier I guess… oh well!

Scored an 8. Quiz seems to indicate that a "spoiled-brat-insane-temper-tantrum-throwing" psyche is common among debauched, egomaniacal, has-been tyrants, tyrant wannabes and extreme leftists with an overblown sense of self-importance. Question: Could K'Daffy's very variegated wardrobe solve the mystery of the source of MO's peculiar fashion choices? Is K'Daffy the fashion icon; she an imitator?

I got a 4 too. Random thought for the day: Charlie Sheen starred in the 1990 flick Navy Seals.

That is one tough quiz, impossible to process with a normal brain. Must be the tiger blood…

6 for me. Maybe Daffy's Ukrainian nurse (who is built like a brick Dr's Office) can go live with Charlie now. She could even bring some of of the Colonel's old uniforms along to everyone get in the proper spirit.

I teamed up with a co-worker, we scored an 8. He knew some of the Sheen quotes, I knew some of the Qadafi quotes (I refuse to spell his name the same way twice).

Scary thing is, the truly terrifying, bat-sh!t crazy, quotes are from Sheen.

I picked Sheen for all of them and got a score of 6.

9 is that something to be proud of?

8. I got that score by attributing the less insane quotes to Gaddafi.

Interesting… Yesterday, that quiz was between Sheen, Gaddafi, and Glenn Beck. Wonder who said what to whom to get Beck removed.

Whoops! My bad… The Sheen/Gaddafi/Beck quiz was in NY Magazine.

check this Charlie Sheen and Muammar Gadaffi parody! it came out before SNL!