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Sen. McCaskill From The Show-Me State Will Not Be Showing This Video

Sen. McCaskill From The Show-Me State Will Not Be Showing This Video

Claire McCaskill (D-Mo) was facing a tough reelection campaign to start.

Now, with the revelation that she owes almost $300,000 in back property taxes on an airplane she owns, I doubt she will be showing this advertisement from an earlier campaign (h/t Taegen Goddard via Ben Smith):

Will the back taxes issue result in McCaskill being shown the door, or will she get away with a Tim Geithner move?

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Taxes are for the little, airplaneless people.

McCaskill not paying taxes on her plane. John Kerry caught docking his yacht in a nearby state to avoid paying taxes on it. Tom Daschale caught not paying taxes related to his personal chauffeur.

It's almost like leading Democrats are an elite privileged class who only pay their full tax burden when they get caught cheating.

Also in the Age of Obama, we have corruption scandals associated with Democrats Maxine Waters, Charlie Rangel, convicted felon Cold Cash Jefferson, Rod Blagojevich and Bill Richardson.

Will the Stupid Party figure out how to capitalize on this abuse of power? Don't hold your breath.

I have no problem with people flying around in private jets. I do however have a problem with private jets and unpaid taxes when they are used by those in the party of higher taxes and carbon footprint guilt. I am quite sick of elites telling me to pay higher taxes and to reduce my standard of living to save the Earth.

And there were those among us who thought she wasn't enough of a democrat to be part of the team. But she showed us, didn't she? Made all the proper moves to prove she belongs in the ruling class.