So says Sarah Palin’s father in this interview with the BBC, because of death threats:

In the kitchen of their Wasilla home, among an extraordinary collection of animal skins, skulls and bones, the spoils of a lifetime spent hunting and fishing, they told me that their whole family has faced death threats.

“As a mother I do have concerns about her safety and that of the kids… she knows how I feel, that it’s risky,” Sally said.

Palin’s father Chuck said a man recently had sent the family photocopies of a receipt for a gun he had bought, together with a photocopy of a one-way ticket to Alaska.

The family had laughed it off, but the man subsequently turned up in the state and was arrested by the FBI, Chuck said.

“We sleep with the guns,” Palin’s father admitted.

Interesting how the death threats against the Palins are not plastered all over the American media, how there is no outrage, and how the threats are not imputed to the entire Democratic Party and left-wing blogosphere, as was done with the ridiculous claims that Sarah Palin’s electoral map had some connection to the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords.

The BBC article is of further interested because Sarah discusses her thinking as to whether she will run for President:

“Obama has already said he’s going to spend a billion dollars (£615.4m) on this race, so money is certainly going to be a consideration,” Sarah Palin told me.

“And just the idea of whether the American electorate is ready for someone a bit unconventional, who is willing to tell it as she sees it, not be beholden to special interest or such obsessive partisanship as to let a political machine get in the way of doing what’s right for the voters.”

Update:  The BBC article refers to an arrest of the suspect, but that was not what Chuck Heath said.  As Ben Smith reports, there was no arrest, and it is unclear what Heath meant by “sent him home.”  There does not appear to be any dispute that there were death threats made, and that the stalker went to Alaska, although the circumstances of his return from Alaska are murky. 

And a reader e-mailed me complaining about how Smith and others are focusing on whether the stalker was arrested, not on the facts that there have been numerous threats against the Palin family (which was the focus of this segment of the interview, the stalker was just used as one example), there was a stalker, he did make threats, and he did travel to Alaska recently (apparently after notifying the police he was coming):

“There’s a pattern: exaggerate Palin’s faults (and those of her supporters) and ignore the disgraceful treatment to which she is subjected.
Carl Cannon’s honesty is sorely lacking.”

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