The Daily Caller has a video filmed by a group run by James O’Keefe in which the President of the NPR Foundation reveals the blatent biases of NPR and puts to rest any claim that NPR’s news operation is non-political.

O’Keefe’s group presented itself to NPR as a Muslim Brotherhood affiliated organization interested in making a $5 million donation to NPR.

The video truly is amazing.  There is so much in here.  From the “bitter clinger” type of language about uneducated middle class whites who love their guns, to the silence and nodding agreement when the supposed donors bash Israel and Jewish control of the media.

Truly amazing.  The left colluding with the Islamists, on film.  But that’s just a wild conspiracy theory, right?

I may have missed things in the video worth mentioning.  Please comment, with reference to the time in the video.

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