Or should I say, the first Media Matters post about me. regarding my post, The Great Tractorcade That Wasn’t.

And written by none other than the lead blogger there, Eric Boehlert: Right-wing Blogger Doesn’t Know What “Brigade” Means.

Doesn’t Media Matters, with all its new Soros money, have anything better to do than take my posts out of context?

How about reviving TeaPartyTracker.org? Or figuring out how to blame the Israel Lobby for the Japanese nuclear meltdown? Or organizing some grassroots? Or teaching Fox News a lesson by buying ad time on Fox News? Or demanding vacation coverage fairness? Or worrying about the definition of “just barely“?

(no need to answer, these are rhetorical questions)

It’s not like the plan is working that well for the folks at Media Matters.  What is that saying about repeating something that doesn’t work?

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