Cousin of Michelle Malkin, has disappeared mysteriously in Seattle.

Please spread the word, particularly those of you in the Seattle area.

Here is the latest news report:

Seattle Police say a missing persons detective will be investigating a University of Washington student reported missing Saturday.

Relatives say Marizela Perez, 18, was reported missing about noon on Saturday. She was last seen in the Rainier Beach neighborhood, where she lives, heading to a library on the UW campus.

Perez’s father, Edgar Perez, from New Jersey, said he was heading to Seattle Monday to help in the search. “I can’t describe what my wife and I are experiencing,” said Perez. “When you see a person missing on TV you feel sadness. When that person is related to you … I can’t describe it.”

Perez said his daughter has been living with her aunt and uncle, who also haven’t seen her since Saturday.

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