Nothing could make more clear that the MSM is setting up Hillary as the fall guy if Libya goes badly than this headline at The New York Times:

Obama Takes Hard Line With Libya After Shift by Clinton

Of course, if things goe badly in Libya, it likely will be the result of delays caused by Obama during which Gaddafi reasserted his control over most of the country, against Hillary’s advice.

The meme is in – if things go well, Obama’s cool calm and collected evaluation was the reason; if things go badly, it’s Hillary’s fault.

Update:  John Hinderaker thinks “Hillary gets the credit if things go well,” but says that if things do not go well, “expect a furious leak war between the Clinton and Obama factions.”  If things go well, there will be plenty of praise to go around, but I still believe Obama will be credited above all; as to the spin war if things go badly, I think it already has started.

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