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It’s slow posting here today.

I’m trying to get as much done on income tax preparation this week as possible, since it’s our spring recess.

Every year I go through the same thought process:

The income tax preparation process is a colossal waste of time, effort and resources.  It truly is amazing how much time, and accountant fees, it takes to fill out the federal and state forms, complicated by working and living in different states, and having kids who have some earned income (so tax returns for each of them).  In total, four federal returns, plus returns in three different states.

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We are all to blame for this for not:
1) Electing people who will fix this nightmare and then demanding they follow through.
2) Marching on the IRS with pitchforks and torches demanding real reform now.

The IRS commissioner doesn't do his own taxes. He hires a preparer… best possible proof that the tax system is too complex.

Become a democrat. Then you don't have to file (or even pay) your taxes. Becoming a democrat senator has additional perks: apparently they pass out a "how to dodge taxes" guide to all dem senators (something about docking boats and parking planes in other states to avoid paying the taxes you vote for other, lesser people, to pay–it's all the rage).

If you will join me in Fort Worth, you would eliminate at least the three state taxes. Cannot help you on the Federal level though.

Professor, you're so…….patriotic! After all, it is their money, isn't it?!

Flat tax. Federal, state, local. Period.

We waste way too much time on our taxes. It must be nice for those who have accountants. For the rest of us we just wish that the tax code be simplified.

As fuzzy slippers said become a democrat politician, then you don't have to pay your taxes. Isn't it wonderful to be a philanthropist with other people's money? Hey Rangel and McCaskill, my family is struggling to keep our business afloat and feed our children, get your dirty greedy hands out of my pocket and focus on paying your own taxes.

Sounds like a good argument for the FairTax

Tax code = government 'created' jobs. It's PFM.