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Frontline Wisconsin

Frontline Wisconsin

The other day I posted a link to the Wisconsin Republican Party web page for donating to help defend against recall efforts.

A new web portal has been established, Frontline Wisconsin.

As described by JSOnline:

The Republican Party of Wisconsin has created a political conduit to assist the eight Republican senators who face possible recalls.

The conduit is called the Majority GOP Conduit and can be found at this website. Gov. Scott Walker posted an announcement of the conduit on his campaign Twitter account: “Want 2 counter BIG government union bosses? Join us @”

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush also lent his support in a Tweet: “Counter big government union boss funded recall elections; help brave GOP Senators @”

A conduit allows groups to collect political contributions from individuals, bundle them and send one check to a candidate.

Please donate.  There is a long fight ahead in Wisconsin.

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I've been hoping something like this would be set up. Is there anything for the SC election? That seems to me to be the most important, because if Prosser goes down, then the rest seems academic.

Use to live in Wawatosa. Worked at Master Lock and despised the unions when I was required to work a full 8. Pathetic and lazy.

It takes but a minute folks. Help the Govenor and the other republicans. Donate.

I Did!

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I am also a Cheesehead by birth. Donated!

Thanks for the information. Am cheesehead, will donate.