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Emily Rocks

Emily Rocks

Reader and frequent commenter LukeHandCool‘s daughter Emily stars in this music video for her new rock band:

Mac Ballard “Sawtelle” from Lance Kuhns on Vimeo.

Album soon?

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How funny. I live on Sawtelle, and I believe the outdoor shots were filmed around the intersection of Sawtelle and Olympic Boulevards where there are a lot of Japanese-themed shops and eateries, a remnant of the Japanese-American community that used to be concentrated in the area. Never quite thought of it as a "teen night-life" spot, though. 🙂

Well done on the music video!

Egad. Thank you, Professor!!

I don't know if they are a band anymore. It changes day by day. They had big shots in Japan wanting to sign them on the agreement they would move to Japan. Emily refused. She loves life at USC. She loves physics and engineering (always was a weird kid! :))).

My wife told me that the guitarist just signed a contract with one of Japan's top agents. So, I guess he's going back.

The lead singer (son of the producer, a very famous one) then decided he wanted to try a solo career in the UK. Latest I heard he wants to try a solo career in Japan. They're kids. What they want changes day to day.

The chances something will happen are probably one in a million. But she's having fun and loving life, so I'm happy. (And very happy she's turned out to be a level-headed conservative.) So level-headed, she knows she has to pick and choose her battles. When I prodded her to start a Young Republicans Club her last year in high school, she just looked at me and said, "This is Santa Monica. Do I look insane to you?"

They made a couple more videos. For the last one they rented the Santa Monica Pier. They're not available yet, though.

She does modelling, too. So, if you have any Legal Insurrection t-shirts available, I'll get one and take some pics.

Needless to say I'm so proud of her. She's a very smart and kind-hearted kid. My personal mission to improve the world–have and raise as many staunchly Pro-America kids as possible. One interesting note: Emily shares the same birthday as Paul McCartney. Our son, Max, shares the same birthday as Ringo Starr. The Beatles arrived in America on February 7, my birthday. I told my wife it's not too late to have two more kids and induce labor on John Lennon's and George Harrison's birthdays. She thinks I'm nuts. I think it's destiny.

Thanks again, Professor!

P.S. @pubsecrets: Small world! Emily loves singing karaoke on Sawtelle with her friends when she's out of school. She also works in a Japanese restaurant on Sawtelle on the weekends.

Kids are the best – I couldn't have said it better Luke.

hey, i was skeptical but those kids were very good.

You said it, turfmann!

I'm a natural worry wart so at first I tended to see danger around every corner having a teenage daughter. Boys, drugs, etc., you never know. I know I did a lot of stupid things at that age (but I'm a boy, so no problemo!)

I felt better when my wife told me to stop worrying … that Emily hated the "Bad boy" types and druggie types … that she liked intellectual boys.

My wife was right. The last worry-wart episode I had was when she was a senior in high school. She went to a party and I told her to make sure to be home by midnight. I was working in my office, midnight came, and I was upset I hadn't heard her come home yet and that she hadn't bothered to call, either.

When 1:00 a.m. came with still no phone call, I went downstairs, silently cursing my sleeping wife and her reassurances, thinking up the ultimate grounding while I dialed Emily's cell phone.

She answered the phone slurring her words and sounding completely out of it. She was obviously drunk and I was furious. "Emily, where are you and what do you think you are doing?!?" I fumed.

"Daddy," she shot back, "I'm upstairs in bed sleeping. What do you think you're doing?! Go to bed!!"

You can't really ground them for "coming home too quietly." I let her slide that time.

Thanks, Griper!

I'm still hoping they'll stay together. It's all very fluid.

They all have other things going. The bass player is also in a heavy metal band. My wife was telling me about him and I told my wife I hope something happens, because otherwise, if he goes back to Japan after playing bass in America for years, Japan is so rigid, there's no way he'd find a good job.

My wife told me not to worry. She asked me if I remembered a certain department store in her home town. I did. His family owns that department store chain. His music dreams might one day be shattered, but he won't starve, she assured me.

Funny how you can be kind of worried and feeling sorry for someone one minute, and the next you're completely jealous!!

That story is too funny, Luke. Sounds like something that would happen around here. My youngest is the singer/actress (does high school musicals yet is in the 7th grade), the middle daughter is the drummer, and my oldest, 16, is the firefighter. No, seriously… Look here:

Hey turfmann,

Sorry, just saw your last post now, a couple weeks later.

That is cool!! Is your 16-year-old firefighter your son or daughter?