Today I read in the Journal that Subway has surpassed McDonalds in number of locations worldwide. The Journal article cited the unusual location of some Subway restaurants and left the analysis for the growth of the chain rather open-ended. Perhaps, though, the growth of the chain in the past five years has been indicative of a new trend in American dining.

In the past decade, the media has bemoaned the rise in obesity in the United States. Diabetes is a looming threat on life expectancy and national obesity may become even more of a social issue under Obamacare as healthcare costs rise in tandem with unhealthy lifestyles. Yet, unlike many other countries, I find that America actively works on their cultural impediments. We’ve stamped out smoking culture, found ways to decrease the amount of drunk driving, promote safe sex, etc. etc. through our weird collective social conscious (to my chagrin, one that has had help from an active legislature). If there is a nation proactive enough to reverse an epidemic like obesity, I certainly think our country is the one for the job. I don’t have much evidence to corroborate my intuition on this one, but I think we’re going to see a trend towards personal health in the next few years. If I had to invest, I’d “long” Subway, EnergyKitchen, and other health-conscious restaurants.

Do you have the same optimism for American health?


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