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Count Frankula Joining New York Magazine

Count Frankula Joining New York Magazine

Frank Rich, one of the worst flame throwers at The NY Times (which is saying a lot) and a frequent subject of posts here, is leaving The Times to join New York Magazine:

Frank Rich is joining New York Magazine, beginning in June. Rich will be an essayist for the magazine, writing monthly on politics and culture, and will serve as an editor-at-large, editing a special monthly section anchored by his essay. He will also be a commentator on, engaging in regular dialogues on the news of the week.

“Frank Rich is a giant — a powerhouse critic of politics and culture, a rigorous thinker, a glorious stylist, a skeptic and optimist at the same time. There is just no one like him in American journalism,” said New York editor-in-chief Adam Moss. “He is also a friend. I have had the privilege to work with him for almost 25 years. Since the day I came to New York, I have hoped I could persuade him to join us here. I’m ecstatic that he will now be bringing his wisdom to our growing audience. This is a very big day for New York.”

What possibly could go wrong with Rich being let loose in a forum where he no longer will have a word limit restraining his attacks on Republicans, Conservatives, Tea Party supporters, and eveyone else in the cabal of what he views as the racist, hate-mongering, violent right-wing?

From my Frank Rich archives:

What is next for New York Magazine? Keith Olbermann?

While we’re on the subject, now that there is an opening at The NY Times for a columnist, hello?

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"a rigorous thinker?"

Ha hahaha hahaha hahaha ha…

"Growing Audience"? See above.

So, he will be, in pertinent part, " . . . an editor-at-large, editing a special monthly section anchored by his essay . . . . "

An "editor at large"? Does that mean he will be cut loose to red-line the various contributions and sundry works of others?

Or, will he be primarily "selecting" complementary contributions to his "anchorage," and perhaps performing minor surgery on the potential contributions of others when and where he might deem such operative action "desirable"?

Are these people nuts?

(The previous question was an example of what my father used to call, "asking a yes question"), a talent at which I was apparently quite adept as a child.

So he's off to prattle on at some magazine? Long live the Queen!


Perhaps we'll hear less and less from Mr. Rich and he can spend more time with his therapist for his obvious obsessive-compulsive disorder.

New York Times Sunday circulation = 1,400,000
That's 4 times a month (and special appearances as his medication allowed).

New York Magazine Monthly Circulation = 408,622
(95% of that is subscribers so these are hard core (progressives/regressives whatever).

Mr. Rich's voice just got a little smaller (finally beginning to match his wit and intellect instead of his ego and derangement) and a little fainter.

This is the equivalent of a politician resigning to spend "more time with their family". Maybe there's a scandal about to break?

buh bye jerk!