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A Must See

A Must See

A hilarious, smart, and insightful video from ReasonTV that discusses the higher ed. bubble.

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I wish I were as honest as this kid when I was in college. Looking back, social life was probably my primary reason for going to Ohio State University, though I convinced myself I had more laudable reasons. Sadly, I never talk to anyone from college anymore (though considering the people I hung out with, maybe the lack of communication is a positive).

I've got a decade of higher ed in me. I was smart and got it paid for (and not by mommy and daddy).

I'll encourage my own kids to develop a love for learning and teach them to seek knowledge and wisdom through other means than higher ed institutions.

We live in an information society and sadly I don't think you need to pay an institution 40k a year to have global warming /"WASPS are bad" propoganda piped to your kid as they can get that anywhere.

Give me the resume of someone who became an expert in a field through their own love and pursuit of it and I'll hire them over an ivy leaguer any day of the month.

How is "home college" trending? haha

There is something just a tiny bit disturbing about this. I can't quite put my finger on it, but what keeps popping in my mind is that cynicism is not a substitute for knowledge. There really is a big difference between smart-aleck and smart.

Sure, I was a screw-up when I started college, and I was wasting the money my parents were spending, as they were painfully paying my tuition, too.

That was, until I identified a great teacher who really did inspire me to love learning, and who went out of his way to point out that I sometimes had an ability to grasp, and even to understand and articulate the essence of topics that had rarely been of any interest to me at any other time in my life.

So, I cherish the educational foundation I got in my final two years of college. And I would have never ended up in, or even considered law school without it.

You know, I really do think this guy has a strong sense of that himself, as was revealed in one very brief moment, when he suddenly got a little serious and said (in response to a question about what he wanted his son to get out of school) that he wanted him to "familiarize himself with the best that's been thought and said and understand Western Civilization and the roots of it and where it comes from, and, that ain't gonna happen" . . . and suddenly Nick breaks in with the ice-breaker . . . "and what happened to it?" (laughter) . . . "Yeah, what happened to it!" he agreed, getting back to the schtick of hawking the book.