And also some racial-pyscho-sexual tension, ending in Otherness:

“She has followed the sexual urge across every boundary to recover a clear and choosing self, and in her freedom all may find hope.

A phallic tree trunk behind her marks the completion of the anarcho-sexual odyssey, cock as axis mundi, Moses as Lolita. Then, to further highlight the doneness of the deed, she’s suddenly in a red-lit room, a private space, sustaining a single note at once suggestive of childish tantrums, orgasmic ecstasy and Taliban ululation.

At last she is free from Auto-Tune. Deprogrammed, as it were.

We cut to our pimp, her lover, driving with one hand on the wheel, the other waving in R. Kelly-esque bravado, as he races fast back into the undifferentiated Other…..”

To what is the author of this text referring?


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