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“a bubble-gum Trojan horse containing a radical text throwing itself against the gears of a death-bound society”

“a bubble-gum Trojan horse containing a radical text throwing itself against the gears of a death-bound society”

And also some racial-pyscho-sexual tension, ending in Otherness:

“She has followed the sexual urge across every boundary to recover a clear and choosing self, and in her freedom all may find hope.

A phallic tree trunk behind her marks the completion of the anarcho-sexual odyssey, cock as axis mundi, Moses as Lolita. Then, to further highlight the doneness of the deed, she’s suddenly in a red-lit room, a private space, sustaining a single note at once suggestive of childish tantrums, orgasmic ecstasy and Taliban ululation.

At last she is free from Auto-Tune. Deprogrammed, as it were.

We cut to our pimp, her lover, driving with one hand on the wheel, the other waving in R. Kelly-esque bravado, as he races fast back into the undifferentiated Other…..”

To what is the author of this text referring?


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Who cares? I doubt she herself knows cuz. The text reads like diction in search of an idea.

You've got to be kidding.

Iowahawk posted that video on Facebook and nobody could get through more than 30 seconds of it.

You mean, somebody watched the whole thing?

Geez, somebody take away Dana's thesaurus!

You misspelled the URL in the link; it should read

sort of runic rhyme | March 23, 2011 at 7:34 pm

I'm afreud the author of the text is full of it. It's simply a matter of the singer being too jung.

"They paint her as a refugee of a teen culture whose capacity for real subversion was bludgeoned away somewhere between the atrocities of Kent State and those of the 1968 Democratic Convention, the start of a creeping zombification that would see youthful dissent packaged and sold alongside Pez and Doritos."

How lovely! "…youthful dissent packaged and sold alongside Pez and Doritos…." i.e. Astroturf! Just what we saw in Wisconsin. In Dana's desire to be clever, she reveals more than she knows. Heh.

BTW – this reminds me of the Worst Opening Sentence Contest, but it is the whole piece!! You have to try really, REALLY hard to write that badly.

sort of runic rhyme | March 23, 2011 at 8:59 pm

Sometimes analysis of singers is better put to music:

"Her wide eyes promised a a beautiful tune."

I am so ashamed I know that's Black without peeking.

Was that even in English, or did ELIZA barf?

What in the hell is an "anarcho-sexual odyssey"?

Nathan, it's marathon, no-holds barred sex. If you look at the historical period of the two key words "anarcho" and "odyssey", it could be marathon, missionary sex with whips, chains, and a pair of boy toys. This girl has a degree and she's gotta let the world know it.

Somebody throw a burqua over this fast.

Wow … to think that "Friday" has more depth, more hidden levels of meaning, and, quite frankly, more insight into the existentialist angst of the "undifferentiated Other" than all the songs on Sergeant Peppers combined is like, wow, like awesome.

Nope, not going to sucker me into watching that vapid, moronic, dull piece of NON-musical viral lobotomy video. I saw 15 seconds of it once and lost 3 IQ points as a result…

Juba-Thanks for answering the question. As for pointing out the author has a high degree, yeah…no kidding. Only someone with a useless degree from an ivy league babysitting service uses words like that.

What I find funny about this whole thing is that Rebecca Black actually isn't all that bad a singer. Yeah the song's horrible, but during her GMA interview (which she handled well despite the "adult" who was "interviewing" her) she proved she can sing the national anthem.

Hell, that's better than Christina Aguilera can do!

Dunno, I think it's starting to grow on me.

Oh, yeah.. that definitely qualifies for a Bulwer–Lytton award.

It reads like the output from a random text generator. What's the penalty for flunking a Turing test?