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You Mess with the Sarah…

You Mess with the Sarah…

You get the empty room. (H/T Conor Rogers at Spark by The Politicizer):

Former Senator Rick Santorum ripped into Sarah Palin earlier this week for choosing supposed financial gain over attending CPAC. A friend sends over this (iPhone) photo of an embarrassingly empty Santorum speech. Perhaps Rick should have attended to his financial obligations as well.”

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I really don't understand what it is about Rick Santorum that appeals to certain "conservative" Republicans. He seems to have a penchant for "stepping in it". We really don't need yet another "partly pregnant", "sometimes honest" Republican candidate. We are awash with them.

He couldn't hold his own seat… What makes him think he can win the presidency?

I've met the guy, he was arrogant, petty, & utterly boring. He won't win in the Iowa, New Hampshire, or South Carolina… He won't even get 2nd or 3rd place in their primaries. What is his campaign strategy going to be? Rudy Giuliani's? (Florida, Florida, Florida… Which failed)

That politico story was thoroughly debunked. Not sure why anyone believes anything from those slime balls anyway. Santorum never attacked Sarah Palin. This is a shame that more people didn't attend his speech.

When one soils his own nest, he can't expect the visitors to be pleased.

Santorum wasn't reading his tea leaves very well when he starts dissing Sarah Palin.

You reap what you sow, Ricky.

Doesn't even look like the average lunchtime crowd at the local McDonald's. The place would have been filled to maximum capacity if Palin was there instead.

I'm not sure why there is all the uproar over Palin not attending CPAC, she's been invited 4 times now, starting with 2008, and has never attended.

When asked about why Palin wasn't attending, Santorum should have stopped at, I don't know.

Was Santorum instrumental in any of the following?

– Winning Republicans over 600 seats in November.
– Bringing Conservatism into the national dialogue.
– Raising millions and millions of dollars for Conservative candidates.
– Choosing, supporting and stumping for generally great Conservative candidates.
– Putting Obama on the defensive multiple times.
– Correctly identifying the death panels in the health care plan.
– Generally being an all around pain in the ass to the Left.

Answer – NO. Santorum, like many 'big Republican names', largely stood on the sidelines. All I have to say is thank God Sarah is on OUR side or we'd really be in a mess right now.

Santorum makes nice, nice…

"Rick Santorum says he and Sarah Palin have cleared the air after he needled her on Tuesday.

"We're fine, we're OK," he told reporters after his CPAC speech.

Santorum conceded during the speech that he may have gotten in a little over by making his initial comments. He was smacked back by Palin after suggesting that she was skipping CPAC for “other business opportunities” during an interview.


I loved Rick's uber-squirming on Greta's show last night.

I almost expected him to raise in his hand a check of $10,000 to SarahPAC by the end.

Rick's a poser.

Sarah is a doer.

Is there room for another GOP dwarf or are we already at 7? We'll let Trump announce it:"Your Hired! ……as dwarf eight to Sarah Snow White."

Hmmm… Jerry Jones and the NFL could have used those empty seats last weekend… oh well.

I got here late, but it's disheartening to see any coverage of such a dismal wannabe candidate.

Don't forget there are thousands (millions) of conservatives who don't spend all their free time hating gays, hating women's right to make their own decisions, and hating, well, everybody. The people have voted with their feet.

This is not the guy, republicans, so go and focus, put down your socially offensive issues and focus on restoring the power of the constutution to us all.

Instead of being at CPAC Palin was hiring a chief of staff. Now which is the more productive use of her time?

The buzz right now there is about the Michale Glassner hire. This will weed out some. And this should put Huckabee on notice where Governor Palin intends to go.