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What If Israel Calls At 3 a.m.?

What If Israel Calls At 3 a.m.?

Now that Sarah Palin has invoked the 3 a.m. phone call (which she says went to an answering machine when Egypt was calling), it is worth looking at the original Hillary advertisement, which touched on the doubts so many have about Obama:

Here is a version done by the folks at The Nose on Your Face in connection with an article I wrote just before the 2008 election at The American Thinker,  It’s 3 a.m. And The Prime Minister of Israel Is Calling (see my related post here), which I think is even more timely considering the current instability in the Middle East:

Somehow, I think we have not heard the last of the 3 a.m. phone call.

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And you thought 1979 was fun the first time around.

You have been redirected to the voice-mail of former President Jimmy Carter. If you'd like to renounce your oppressive, war-mongering ways, and seek assistance in brokering a temporary peace deal giving up huge chunks of land, press 1. For J Street, press 2. Or, stay on the line and Operator Mearsheimer will be with you shortly.

When does our establishment elites start to refer to Israel as Palinstein?

Next time, can we elect someone for President who doesn't have a life-long history associating with socialists, communists, anarchists and militant muslims? Plus, someon who wasn't one of our "adversaries" as a boy?

Is that too much to ask in a Presidetn?

Frank Wisner has the good sense to throw a little cold water on the hot hand of Obimbo as he thinks getting Mubarak to self-immolate will be some sort of slam dunk. The boy-POTUS simply doesn't have the chops to play in the big leagues and his Cairo Speech plus his simple bend-over and kow-tow diplomacy to American enemies and long-time despots shows how silly and superficial this tyro is.

Back when I was in college, and that was back quite a ways, one of my political science professors said that it was entirely rational to vote for a presidential candidate in part on character. No one, he said, had elected Kennedy to deal with the Cuban missile crisis since, obviously, no one knew there was going to be one. (It turned out he didn't handle it quite as well as we thought at the time, but that's another story.)

I think of this when I hear liberals mentioning with horror the idea of Sarah Palin in the White House. If she were, and that now-proverbial three a.m. call came in, I'd be willing to rely on her instincts and for that matter, trust the people she would have as advisers.

We already know Obama's instincts and who he has advise him so I have to say with respect to our national security, "President Palin" doesn't scare me nearly as much as "President Obama."

HIllary was right. Sarah is right. The 3 AM phone calls just keep coming and…. ooops…. nobody home.

Here's the 3 a.m. phone call that gets Obama's attention: