George Soros made his fortune by breaking the British pound and other manipulative currency trading, and became known as “The man who broke the Bank of England.” 

Yet this currency speculator who destroys for the sake of money is a hero of the left-wing because he doles out bits and pieces of his fortune to support groups like the Center for American ProgressMedia Matters and J-Street.

It is not surprising, therefore, that Think Progress (run by the Center for American Progress) has launched attacks on the Koch brothers, whose companies have created thousands of jobs in the United States, who actually manufacture and produce things here, and who have given generously to numerous charities.  There is nothing Soros-funded groups hate more than real American success stories, because it goes against the Soros narrative that the United States is the source of most of the world’s problems.

The war on the Koch brothers has burst onto the scene with the Wisconsin union protests, as documented by Dave Weigel yesterday.  But Weigel missed the point.  The attempt to demonize the Koch brothers, as crazy as it sounds, is not recent.

Think Progress and the Center for American Progress have had a multi-year plan to marginalize the Koch brothers because the Koch brothers have a libertarian agenda which supports freedom for the individual and individual autonomy, which is the exact opposite of the statist nanny-state agenda of the modern Democratic Party and liberal interest groups.

And nothing was more near and dear to the Democratic Party agenda than Obamacare, so it is not surprising that after Obama’s election and as Obamacare picked up steam the Koch brothers were singled out as a possible threat to passage of Obamacare, and were targeted by Think Progress.

On December 6, 2009, Fang wrote an op-ed in The Boston Globe, In glitzy shadows, a health reform foe lurks:

While David Koch is celebrated as a patron of New York opera, his Americans for Prosperity donations have gone largely unsung. With his millions, he will not only have saved this year’s performance of the “Nutcracker,’’ but also contributed greatly to the obstruction of universal health care, the denial of climate change, and the derailment of much of President Obama’s domestic agenda.

In that op-ed, Fang hit on what now is a standard Think Progress tactic, attacking the Koch brothers because their father was active in the John Birch Society.  This attempt to foist the father’s politics upon the sons was addressed by someone who wrote a Letter to the Editor of The Globe in response to Fang’s op-ed:

To make the atavistic allusion that David Koch’s father was a member of the John Birch Society is as puerile as my saying that the patriarch of the Kennedy clan was a Nazi sympathizer before Franklin Roosevelt had to remove him from the Court of St. James. When will this eyeball gouging end? …

Why Fang would resurrect the John Birch Society is unfathomable. Doesn’t he know that if you have to Google it, then it has lost its trenchancy? He does precisely that which he professes to most abhor – ad hominem demonization.

Koch is not going to obstruct universal health care, delay climate change advocacy, or derail President Obama’s domestic agenda any better than the president and his supporters are already doing.

Since then, there has been a non-stop war on the Koch brothers by Think Progress.  A simple Google search reveals an incessant attempt to demonize the Koch brothers as part of Think Progress’s overall attacks on the Tea Party movement and those who oppose Obamacare.

The Koch brothers are capable of defending themselves, and they are.

But let’s not let allow the false meme to spread that the attacks on the Koch brothers are spontaneous or related to Wisconsin.  The war against the Koch brothers simply is part of the astro-turfed Obama agenda to demonize all opponents.

[Note:  Some changes to the wording were made after initial posting to clarify the timing of the linked op-ed.]

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