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Thank You, Reelz

Thank You, Reelz

Finally, finally, after pulling out all the stops, the Kennedy family will have their comeuppance. The miniseries that was nixed by the History Channel after pressure was put on by angry liberals everywhere, will be shown on TV after all. Granted, the Reelzchannel has far less subscribers than I’m sure tune into the History Channel (though, really, how many specials on Nostradamus is History going to make?), but at least the series will be shown.

It’s a bit late in the game to “undo” the Camelot myth, but the series brushes upon the mafia ties and drug use in the family that pop culture likes to gloss over when showing pictures of Jack Kennedy on a boat. There are many ways to tell the story of JFK, but I think the sappy narrative that led to their sacrosanct status is due for a rewrite.

Update: If you click on the link with a picture of Jack Kennedy on a boat, please do not read the comments section if you have a weak stomach.


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I get Reelz on my Satellite service. If there isn't a hockey game on those evenings, I will watch it. Kind of nice to see the rest of the story.(apologies to Paul Harvey)

Jackie smoked, and there are only a couple of pictures left as proof, including this picture of Jackie smoking while she was pregnant. In the 60s, people smoked, even pregnant women. I wonder if this Kennedy series will show Jackie smoking?

I have long thought that if JFK had served out his term, this whole "Camelot" nonsense would have eroded long ago. When he died, he became a martyr, a shining knight struck down in his prime…blah, blah, blah.

Please, please God bless Obama and keep him safe. Not because I like him, 'cause I don't, but because I don't want him to gain the martyr's lustre. I can't imagine him ever admitting he was wrong, but perhaps a bitter spoonful of history will gag the words out of him.

And the Jackboat article, of course, reminds us that JFK was the youngest elected president. The youngest serving president was Teddy Roosevelt, Republican.