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She Supports Israel “When They’re Not Being A**holes”

She Supports Israel “When They’re Not Being A**holes”

The video below (h/t Markos Krugman) has received a lot of attention because the pro-union protester called someone who apparently supported Gov. Scott Walker a “bad Jew.”

But I found equally interesting the woman’s response when the person she called a “bad Jew” asked her if she supported Israel.  Her response (at 0:16) was “yes, when they’re not being assholes.”

Nice lady, if you like the Israel-hating left-wing international solidarity movement type.  How much you wanna bet she will not buy Sabra hummus?

Look for her on the next voyage of the MV Rachel Corrie alongside Adam Shapiro and Greta Berlin.

(An explanation of the phrase “heal the world” is available from the putative first Gentile Prime Minister of Israel.)

Update:  At least she took time out from the latest “Israel Apartheid Week” events.

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I'm really feeling the effects of the new civility.

Keep it coming, libs!!!

I find it ironic that the African American woman is accusing the TEA party protesters of racism ("…why isn't there anyone else of a different color out here?…" is I believe what she said), while the anti-Semitic woman blatantly slanders Jewish people, showing her prejudice, and the hypocrisy of the Leftists. Bigots.

Too bad the major media outlets (except, perhaps, "evil" Fox News – the bane of the Left's existence!) won't report ANY of this. Thank you for sharing this, and all the bloggers/"other media" sources, too! It is the only way the TRUTH will get out.

Libs are actually nice… in theory. In actually putting that niceness to work practice that is problematic. They WOULD be nice to us if we weren't such a-holes… like those Jews! Now be nice and do what I say!

This video is just more raw evidence of Left-liberalism's long standing way of judging who is/is not an "authentic" Jew, black, latino, woman, gay, et al. Non-leftist blacks have long been called "Uncle Toms" "race traitors" etc.

And the treatment of Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman is just a taste of what any non-leftist woman experiences at the hands of so-called "feminists" (contemporary feminism is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Left)

It takes courage for "minorities" to resist such pressure. Even if they disagree with Leftism, most just decide to "opt out" of political involvement altogether.

Is there anything sexier than a foul-mouthed, rabid Jew-hater? Classy dame.

Imagine if that thing were your mother. What a bright future you'd have.

Now take my recently departed, beautiful on the inside and outside mommy in my icon picture … she taught me never to act or think like that. A great mom makes all the difference in the world.

I think that poor woman in the video has/had a lousy mom.

I'm strangely attracted to the "lady" in the video … when she's not being f**king ugly!!

(Sorry Mom … I just had to say that.)