The video below (h/t Markos Krugman) has received a lot of attention because the pro-union protester called someone who apparently supported Gov. Scott Walker a “bad Jew.”

But I found equally interesting the woman’s response when the person she called a “bad Jew” asked her if she supported Israel.  Her response (at 0:16) was “yes, when they’re not being assholes.”

Nice lady, if you like the Israel-hating left-wing international solidarity movement type.  How much you wanna bet she will not buy Sabra hummus?

Look for her on the next voyage of the MV Rachel Corrie alongside Adam Shapiro and Greta Berlin.

(An explanation of the phrase “heal the world” is available from the putative first Gentile Prime Minister of Israel.)

Update:  At least she took time out from the latest “Israel Apartheid Week” events.

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