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Saturday Night Card Game (Lady Gaga Is A “Madonna-rip-offing, lyric-stealing, insincere-piano-playing racist”)

Saturday Night Card Game (Lady Gaga Is A “Madonna-rip-offing, lyric-stealing, insincere-piano-playing racist”)

This is the latest in a series on the use of the race card for political gain:

One of great things about researching entries for the Saturday Night Card Game series is that it doesn’t require much work.  Since My Dream has not yet come true, there is plenty of low hanging fruit to pick.

Another great thing about reasearching entries for the Saturday Night Card Game series is that I learn new words and get to study the meaning of language.

And tonight the word is Chola, which is not the same thing as Challah. 

Chola apparently is a slang term for female latina “gang bangers,” not to be confused with the masculine Cholo, or the “Cholas” of Tamil ancestry (and the restaurant of the same name), or the epithet “Cholo” which is a derogatory hispanic term for mixed-race American Indians.  I had not heard any of these terms prior to today.

Chola has a “ch” sound at the start, like “Child” whereas Challah has a “xheh” sound at the start, like, well I can’t think of another word, but if you grew up eating Challah you’d know what I mean. 

For those of you who have no idea how to pronounce challah, try clearing your throat starting from the back of your palate, as opposed to your throat, just like Pop-Pop used to do while napping on the plastic slip-covered couch after a healthy portion of Schmaltz

So what does Chola have to do with it?

It seems that Lady Gaga used the word in the song Born This Way, and some people are not happy about it,   Here are the lyrics in question:

“No matter gay, straight or bi

Lesbian, transgendered life
I`m on the right track, baby

I was born to survive
No matter black, white or beige
Chola or orient made

I`m on the right track, baby
I was born to be brave”

The use of the term Chola led to charges that the song was Racist, Simplistic, Condescending Garbage!(emphasis mine):

“Organizations like Chicanos Unidos Arizona and MEChA do not like Lady Gaga`s use of the words `Chola` and `Orient` in her lyrics, viewing both as being racist and derogatory.

The word chola according to the critics refers to Latina girls in gangs, Latinas from the barrio who have a certain look about them and conjure very negative stereotypes.” ….

As an Hispanic liberal who has been writing essays supporting gay rights for twelve years, I agree with the pro-gay sentiments of this song. But just because a song has life-affirming lyrics it doesn`t necessarily means it`s a great work of art. Lady Gaga`s new single has no subtlety or nuance, it sounds like something that a beauty queen who yearns for world peace would write.

Are Latinos supposed to be grateful that a white superstar, born of privilege, included a racist shout out to our community? Not all Latino ladies are “cholas” in the barrio, some of them are teachers, writers, engineers and nurses and doctors.”

And to prove the point, a protest is being organized for the Grammy’s because Lady Gaga plans on singing the song (emphasis mine):

“This weekend, Phoenix-based Latino civil rights groups joined and bashed Lady Gaga for what they feel are racist lyrics (not to mention unoriginal). Several local Asians have joined in the condemnation.

“Why is this talentless, White Madonna rip-off artist who was born into privilege stereotyping Asians with the term ‘orient?’ asks Maricopa College professor Peter Wong. Mary Kim, one of his students, agrees.

“I think it is disgusting that gay people look up to her. She hates them. Lady Gaga is an obvious homophobic who is using reverse psychology in order to make gay people look bad. But now she’s going after Asians and Latinos. It’s pretty sick what White corporate men in suits will come up with.” Mr. Wong and several Asian students plan to travel to Los Angeles in order to protest Lady Gaga’s performance of the song on the Grammy Awards next week.”

[Note:  I can’t find a “Peter Wong” at Maricopa College.]

As if calling her racist were not enough, the group planning the protest strikes a low blow (emphasis mine):

“Even though Lady Gaga is considered a gay icon, some Gay writers have condemned her as well. Orange County gay rights activist Fernando Palazzo has recently denounced Lady Gaga as an insult to the gay community and notes that even her piano playing isn’t sincere.”

In addition to being potentially racist, the song also may have stolen lyrics:

Lady Gaga is getting criticism from all corners with her new song “Born This Way.” What was intended as a civil rights song – or at least that’s what Lady Gaga says – is under fire from Hispanic, Gay and music fans.  The LGBT community is calling it a ripoff of a Carl Bean song, who has a song also named “Born This Way,” with mysteriously similar lyrics …

So where am I going with this post?

Lady Gaga stands accused of being a Madonna-rip-offing, lyric-stealing, insincere-piano-playing racist.  It doesn’t get any worse than that.

I don’t think Lady Gaga is going to care, she was born that way:

One last point.  If “Chola” is an anti-latino racist term, what does that make George Lopez?

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I work with quite a few hispanics at LAPD who tell cholo/chola jokes frequently. So, spare us, professional sensitivity awareness activists. And, get a life (preferably with a sense of humor).

It would seem that the use of chola in the song in juxtaposition to the orient would make the meaning one of Tamil ancestry, an oriental ethnic group, rather than to latinas an occidental ethnic group. Once again the always be offended lobby is in full swing.

Wow, I didn't even know Lady GAGA was a legend, let alone a racist legend. I've gotta get out more…

If "Chola" is an anti-latino racist term, what does that make George Lopez?


The dude is a beaner, so he gets to use the word all he wants. Just like blacks get to use the "N" word.

The same groups that first brought this up tried to pressure her to cancel her concert in Arizona last year to protest the Arizona immigration law. She didn't.

They're mad that she didn't do what they wanted her to, so they've made up this supposed offense to try to punish her. I guess they're using her as an example. The next time they call for a boycott, they want everyone to comply or else, get smeared.

And I get to use Cracker!!

PS: Do you know why whites are called Cracker? Cracker was the nick name for the person that cracked the whip.

They accused her of insincere piano playing?!?

Have these people no decency??

Professor, you forgot "homophobic" in your headline. Heh.

I absolutely loved the Sandra Bullock video on the Lopez show. Sandra Bullock is a great actress, a true professional. And a good sport. She rocked the house!

@Christine – the reason current NBPP Afro-centric racists use the term "Cracker" may be because of the "whip cracker" of slavery days, as you say; however, the term is actually a proper term for native Floridians who were farmers in the 19th and 20th centuries. To call white people "cracker" was considered derogatory because it meant, in essence, "poor white trash." Whites called whites that, historically.

It is like "gay" – any word can be co-opted by any Leftist group and re-defined for a purpose. "Gay" is no longer acceptable to use to mean "giddy, happy" but is claimed exclusively by homosexuals.

Typical of the Left – they define the rules, the terms. And the "tolerant" let them. It has happened for so long, that society has now been transformed into a Weathermen/Weather Underground member's dream. Which is a nightmare for those of us who know what history tells us – the ending is not pretty.

Someone needs to compile a list of forbidden words that will upset those who fancy themselves our moral and intellectual betters. Here is a partial listing to get things started. Avoid the following words at all costs:

The N-word
The C-word
The other C-word
The other other C-word
The M-word
The other M-word
The O-word
The L-word
The F-word
The Q-word
The G-word

Note: If you don't know what all of these are, that is proof of what a vile bigot you are. Remember: ignorance of the Tolerance Laws is no excuse. Turn yourself in immediately!

An entertaining post as always. With the amount of racism and bigotry in the world, surely your intellectual elephant rifle would be better used hunting bigger game rather than simply to cause little leftist rabbits to explode?

You said Chola has a "ch" sound at the start, like "Child" whereas Challah has a "xheh" sound at the start, like, well I can't think of another word, but if you grew up eating Challah you'd know what I mean.

Try the name "Chaim" as well. While the sound may not exist in English, it does apparently exist in Chinese (according to some ESL teachers that I have spoken to). Actually, Ashkenazic Jews (European ancestry Jews) apparently pronounce it differently from the Sefardic (those expelled from Spain in 1492) Jews.

I forgot to say that the word "Hamas" is also pronounced with the letter "Chet". However, in Hebrew the meaning of the word is "violence" or "robbery with violence" as in Genesis before the flood (Genesis 6:11) "And the Earth was filled with violence".

An appropriate name for the current organization.

In the Arabic areas it is a softer sound.

Hebrew words with the "Ch" sound

Chala – a piece of dough or bread separated and sanctified for the Temple. The bread used for the Sabbath

Chaim – Life

Chanuka – the holiday

Hamas – indiscriminate violence or robbery with violence (Genesis 6:11). The Arab terrorist organization.

sort of runic rhyme | February 6, 2011 at 10:43 am

I'd support a Palin-Gaga ticket just to get everybody's undergarments in a twist but for those PC pandering (just insufficiently so) eye-rollingly so yesterday lyrics.

"I am Woman, Hear Me Roar" and "We are the World" have already been done. How about a catchy song on unfunded pensions and bloated public sector unions?

Sandra Bullock sure is a good sport! After the chola makeover she could fit right in with las cholas of the San José east side and Tully Road neighborhoods.