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Multiculturalism Failed In Europe, But Democrats Bitterly Cling To It Here

Multiculturalism Failed In Europe, But Democrats Bitterly Cling To It Here

David Cameron has generated a stir in Europe by giving a speech in which he said that state-sponsored multiculturalism has failed:

Note that Cameron was not criticizing multi-racial or multi-ethnic societies; he was proclaiming the failure of policies which sought to segregate and separate groups in the name of multiculturalism rather than assimilating them into existing cultures.

Angela Merkel made a similar point last October:

The failed identity politics of Europe are at the heart of the Democratic Party in the United States, and at most universities. 

To insist upon English as a unifying language in the United States will be met with charges of racism and xenophobia.  La Raza and other groups are given a pass while those who want to bring us together are vilified.  Bilingual education and ethnic/racial theme houses are all the rage in education.

Hopefully Cameron will embolden our own politicians to speak up against racial and ethnic identity politics.

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Meanwhile, Big Sis is calling for all Super Bowl attendees to "see something, say something". Who wants to be the first one to be prosecuted for a hate crime for turning in a young Muslim male acting erratically?

If that sounds inflammatory, just keep in mind that the Ft Hood killer was giving Islamist lectures and submitting Islamist papers even in the Army and no one dared turn him in.

With our current government, WE are the terrorists. WE are the violent, hate-filled, nativist, racist extremists. Rat at your own peril.

I should have pointed out that the Democrats aren't the only ones clinging on to multiculturalism. The GOP leadership is showing no signs of loosening its grip any time soon either. And now the Gangs of McCain are reaching across the aisle in yet another Quixotic effort to cram blanket amnesty down our throats. Once that dam is cracked, what will come next?

Is Eqypt giving us a glimpse into what may be waiting for us? Are the Oath Takers still in business? It just may come down to that.

Multiculturalism is the ultimate form of racism. It is what has kept Indians on the reservation, Blacks in the ghetto and Hispanics in the barrio. It is the idea that certain groups can't make it on their own and need the help of those who are smarter and better (and, of course, need their vote).

The other word for multiculturalism is Balkinization.

The La Raza link refers to a conference about "bilingualism creating world-class learners." I think there's a fair amount of evidence that you can't have both.

With its emphasis on collective guilt, multiculturalism destroys one of the primary advantages of Western Civilization over Tribalism: the concept that an individual cannot be punished for a crime (or for a perceived crime) committed by his relative or by his ancestor. This puts us all at risk of being considered an enemy by people with whom we don't have the remotest personal connection.