David Cameron has generated a stir in Europe by giving a speech in which he said that state-sponsored multiculturalism has failed:

Note that Cameron was not criticizing multi-racial or multi-ethnic societies; he was proclaiming the failure of policies which sought to segregate and separate groups in the name of multiculturalism rather than assimilating them into existing cultures.

Angela Merkel made a similar point last October:

The failed identity politics of Europe are at the heart of the Democratic Party in the United States, and at most universities. 

To insist upon English as a unifying language in the United States will be met with charges of racism and xenophobia.  La Raza and other groups are given a pass while those who want to bring us together are vilified.  Bilingual education and ethnic/racial theme houses are all the rage in education.

Hopefully Cameron will embolden our own politicians to speak up against racial and ethnic identity politics.

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