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Liberal Foreign Policy Explained

Liberal Foreign Policy Explained

From the producer of How Liberal Journalists Think, Liberal Taxes Explained, Feminism Explained, and Meet The Liberal Elite.

(h/t Small Dead Animals)

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"It's only fair."

Sums up the liberal mindset perfectly. They repeat it like a mantra, and expect that phrase to justify every act they perform. I wonder how a liberal squares away the fact that both our friends and enemies respect Obama less than our last president, or even the one before that?

"It's only fair."

Why is fairness defined as submission to your enemies desires, and unfairness defined as defeating your enemies by the liberal.

There comes a time when submission has gone on long enough that the tyrant comes for you. What will be your answer when your version of the Nazi concentration camp guard signals you to go left to the camp or right to the gas chamber? This isn't fair?

History teaches us that when the tyrant comes that it is those who were submissive that are the first to fall.

The only difference in the struggles of modern man versus cave man is the size of his weapon. Human nature has not changed one iota. Sun Tsu could rise from the dead today and be teaching at West Point tomorrow.