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It’s All Israel’s Fault, Always Has Been, Always Will Be

It’s All Israel’s Fault, Always Has Been, Always Will Be

I have posted about Juan Cole before, including this sadly humorous assertion that protesters chanting “death to America” really just wanted visas to visit Disneyland:

Even the ones who are chanting “Death to America,” if you get them to the side, they say well you know “could you get me a visa. I’d really like to visit Disneyland.”

But Juan Cole is no comedian, he is a professor of history at the University of Michigan, and one of the go-to guys for those who want to blame the ills of the Arab and Muslim worlds on Israel.

As bad as Juan Cole’s posts have been in the past, his rant today in which he tries to blame Israel for Mubarek’s conduct and virtually everything else that ever has gone wrong in the Middle East breaks new ground.

Here are some excerpts from Mubarak Defies a Humiliated America, Emulating Netanyahu (emphasis mine):

More recently the cover story has been the supposed threat of radical Islam, which is a tiny fringe phenomenon in most of the Middle East that in some large part was sowed by US support for the extremists in the Cold War as a foil to the phantom of International Communism. And then there is the set of myths around Israel, that it is necessary for the well-being of the world’s Jews, that it is an asset to US security, that it is a great ethical enterprise– all of which are patently false.

On such altars are the labor activists, youthful idealists, human rights workers, and democracy proponents in Egypt being sacrificed with the silver dagger of filthy lucre.

Mubarak is taking his cues for impudence from the far rightwing government of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, which began the Middle Eastern custom of humiliating President Barack Obama with impunity….

Those who fled the machine guns of the Irgun terrorist group to the West Bank and Gaza, where they dwelt in squalid refugee camps, were dismayed to see the Israelis come after them in 1967 and occupy them and further dispossess them. This slow genocide against a people that had been recognized as a Class A Mandate by the League of Nations and scheduled once upon a time for independent statehood is among the worst ongoing crimes of one people against another in the world. Many governments are greedy to rule over people reluctant to be so ruled. But no other government but Israel keeps millions of people stateless while stealing their land and resources or maintaining them in a state of economic blockade and food insecurity….

As a sop to all the hundreds of millions of critics of the serial rape of the Palestinians, the US at most occasionally makes noises about achieving a “state” for them, which, however, would have no real sovereignty over its borders, its land, its air or its water. The price of such a eunuch state would be for the Palestinians to renounce their birthright and acquiesce in their expropriation and reduction to the flotsam of the earth….

As long as the president and the Congress are willing to lie down and serve as doormats for America’s supposed allies in the Middle East– out of a conviction of the usefulness of their clients and the inexpensiveness of putting them on retainer– there will be anti-Americanism and security threats that force us to subject ourselves to humiliating patdowns and scans at the airport and an erosion of our civil liberties every day. We are only one step away of being treated, with “protest zones” and “Patriot Acts” just as badly as the peaceful Egyptian protesters have been.

It almost is hard to know where to start. 

Did the UN partition of British Palestine into Jewish and Arab states — and the rejection of such partition by the Arabs — never happen?  Did the invasion of the newly independent Israel never happen?  Did an almost equal number of Jews not flee Arab lands as Arabs fled Jewish lands?  Did the closing of the Straits of Tiran by Egypt provoking the 1967 war never happen, or the subsequent Yom Kippur invasion.  Did 60+ years of Palestinian rejectionism never happen?

“Slow genocide”?  How is it we keep hearing that high birth rates among non-Jews in Israel and the West Bank constitutes a demographic threat to a Jewish Israel?

This is not just revisionist history, it is a fabrication in the goal of the destruction of Israel.  And it is typical for what passes for academia nowadays, part of what I call the Islamist-Leftist Anti-Israel Coalition.

And to use the upheaval in Egypt — which has nothing to do with Israel — as an opportunity to spew this venom speaks volumes to how deep the hostility runs.

I’m glad it’s now been brought to the surface.

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Can I say "blood libel"…???

Yep. I sure can.

You need to read what Soros wrote today, too.

He forgot to mention … Bush 🙂

The Liars' Hands



Them Juice! How powerful they are! Is there anything them Juice cannot do? Sharks, buzzards, rioting Muzzies, them Juice control it all. What a people! Juice the puppet masters; Muslims, the puppets.

Soros is a stinking disgrace, as are those anti-Semitic cretins who repeat his filth.

I have two degrees from the University of Michigan and I saw first hand how professors like Mr. Cole willfully misunderstand world events such as what is happening in Egypt. They do this with such passion and zeal that they tend to sway, rather easily I might, weak and unstable minds to their misdirected causes. The only logical reason for this is their entirely wrong-headed worldviews, by which they interpret everything according to an erroneous ideology. I have had many a battle with professors like Cole, but old wise Solomon warned about acts like this. He called it '…answering a fool by his folly…."

"I'm glad it's now been brought to the surface."

Me too. Now it is subject to the purifying actions of sound, wind, sun, water and soil.

"They do this with such passion and zeal that they tend to sway, rather easily I might, weak and unstable minds to their misdirected causes."

The fault is in weak and unstable minds, not partisan professors. Augustine: "The innocence of children is in the weakness of their limbs, not in their wills." And students are not children, especially post-secondary students.

Oh, yes, the Nazi-like Israelis, perpetrating genocide on the Palestinians. Of course, after a dozen years of Nazis there were pretty much no Jews in any area they had controlled. After forty-some years of Israel's genocidal regime, the Palestinian population has grown hugely. Odd form of genocide, isn't it?

By the way, Professor Jacobson, while the attention of all goodthinkers should be directed towards the Palestinians, bringing up the Jewish refugees from Arab lands is "divisive."