(K. McCaffrey) — We all know how the liberal narrative goes: the Tea Party is supposed to be racist. Even after Andrew Breitbart’s $100,000 challenge and the continual failure to pinpoint awful tragedies on the Tea Party, lefties everywhere persist on blaming the Tea Party for all that is backwards in America. Despite an overwhelming lack of evidence, their “incivility” has been blamed for everything one can imagine.

Well, well, well, the recent protest against the Koch brothers had the cruel bite that many in the media only wish it could find at a Tea Party Rally. As John Fund, quoted in today’s “Notable” section of the Journal, wrote about the recent protest:

Last weekend, almost 1,000 protestors assembled by Greenpeace, the Teamsters and public employee unions gathered outside the Rancho Las Palmas resort in Rancho Mirage, Calif., to agitate against what they called the “Billionaire’s Caucus.” That would be the biannual meeting hosted by Charles and David Koch, wealthy conservative donors who helped bankroll Americans for Prosperity and other groups active in the 2010 election.
Calls for political civility are much in the news, but this group clearly came in an ugly mood. Some of their signs featured swastikas and featured blood splattered next to the message, “Koch Kills.”
Van Jones, the former Obama administration aide who was forced to resign over his ties to extremist groups, whipped up the crowd by saying “the Kochs must be exposed, they must be stopped.” He accused them of trying to create an “economic plantation” for the poor.
After a raucous rally, many in the crowd tried to push past the police barricades. In the end, 25 people were arrested.
Far more eye-raising, though, is this video where a “progressive” (their words, not mine) calls for Clarence Thomas to be put “back in the fields,” oh, and then “[strung] up.” They’re “peaceful people,” except for … yeah, when they’re not:

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