To its credit, The New York Times ran the video produced by the Wisconsin Republican Party of signs carried by union protesters against the Governor of Wisconsin (featured in my post here), under the headline Republicans Accuse Liberals of Hateful Rhetoric in Wisconsin:

The Republican Party of Wisconsin has produced a striking web video highlighting the angry rhetoric coming from the pro-union protesters in Madison.

Among the signs that the video highlights are ones comparing Scott Walker, the state’s Republican governor, to Adolf Hitler and Hosni Mubarak, the recently deposed Egyptian president.

“Scott Walker = Adolf Hitler. Don’t let history repeat itself!” one sign reads. Another says “Midwest Mussolini.” A third accuses Mr. Walker of “raping” public union workers and says, “Rape is never a good solution.”

The web video contrasts the angry rhetoric with accusations from Democratic leaders and liberal activists that conservatives used inappropriate language during the debate over health care.

The comments were pretty much what you would expect, but one caught my eye, from Phil CT, suggesting that only right-wingers commit actual violence, “Wake me up when a liberal goes on a civilian shooting spree”:

Phil, you need to stop reading only The New York Times, Think Progress and Firedoglake.

I’m sure you have heard of one of the most infamous shooting sprees in recent years, by Amy Bishop, who shot up her professors and colleagues at the University of Alabama – Huntsville. I bet you think she was a right-winger, right? Right?

WAKE UP, Phil!

Although the mainstream media and left-blogosphere tried to paint her as a Tea Partier, in fact Amy Bishop was a hardcore liberal who was obsessive in her adoration of Obama:

“A family source said Bishop, a mother of four children – the youngest a third-grade boy – was a far-left political extremist who was “obsessed” with President Obama to the point of being off-putting.”

Amy Bishop did not shoot up her school because she was liberal; she was just crazy, like Jared Loughner (who a former friend described as “quite liberal” but whose politics were other-worldly by the time he shot Gabrielle Giffords) and a host of other twisted people you probably thought were right-wingers but were not..

Tell me, Phil, who were the non-liberals motivated by political rhetoric who have gone on shooting sprees or committed other high-profile acts of violence since Obama became President? 

The Fort Hood shooter?  The people who killed Census worker Bill Sparkman?  The guy who flew his plane into an IRS building? The Pentagon shooter? The guy who stabbed the Muslim cab driver?

In each of those cases, you probably thought the perpetrator was a right-winger drunk after consuming a cocktail of Rush-Beck-Hannity liquor.  But you were wrong.

Phil, you think you are enlightened because you read The New York Times and post witty comments, but in fact you are intellectually cloistered inside a castle of like-minded individuals who have created a false reality of right-wing violence.

Note to Phil — Frank Rich and Paul Krugman do not know Win-The-Future they are talking about.

Wake Up! Phil from Connecticut.

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