K. McCaffrey — One of the things that frustrated me during the height of the Egyptian crisis was that Mubarak looked as if he was getting off scot-free after suppressing freedom in Egypt for so many years. I read an article in Slate about how some of his assets would be frozen or seized, but it still didn’t seem like enough:

But the Mubarak family itself has reportedly made out handsomely. Estimates of its total wealth reach $80 billion. (All these numbers, of course, should be taken with a grain of salt.) … Due to a recent change in Swiss law, however, if Mubarak has secreted illicit money away in a Swiss bank account, Egyptians just might get some of it back. “I can confirm that Switzerland has frozen possible assets of the former Egyptian president with immediate effect,” a foreign ministry spokesperson told Reuters on Friday. … The change to Swiss law makes it easier for the country to freeze dictators’ assets even if their countries are in disarray.

Mubarak’s most recent behavior seems to corroborate this. According to the Weekly Standard:

Unconfirmed reports are circulating that former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak has fallen into a coma in Sharm al-Sheikh. The independent Egyptian daily Al Masry Al Youm‘s English-language website says that Mubarak fainted twice during his final speech Thursday night. The report also seems to confirm long-time speculation that it was Egyptian first lady Suzanne Mubarak who was eager to see her son Gamal succeed as president. “You got me into this, you and your mother,” Mubarak reportedly told Gamal. “You have ruined my history in Egypt.”

Either way, I sincerely hope Mubarak makes a full recovery. I think it is of the utmost importance that he be tried and imprisoned for perverting the law and will of the Egyptian people for so long. Actions have consequences.


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