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Barbour Gets It

Barbour Gets It

Okay, okay, maybe I woke up on a better side of the bed today, but CPAC is looking up. Andrew Breitbart rocked the first session, giving accounts of the crazed leftists he sees regularly. After him, Haley Barbour made a great speech. Here’s the takeaway: “The Obama administration is trying to achieve by regulation what it can’t get through Congress.”

As HotAir is reporting, the “front leader” Romney is tripping his position up by poo-pooing certain factions of the leadership. On the other hand, Barbour made a polite speech that focused on his record (which speaks for itself). He is probably the most unsung competent Governor in the states today. In the interest of full-disclosure, I should probably mention that I met the Governor last night and founding him extremely charming.

(Also, as my friend Gary La Spisa pointed out, let’s not forget that Governor Barbour is the chair of the RGA. Without the RGA there would be no Christie.)

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You're revealing your youthful vulnerability Kathleen, ALL politicians are charming when you meet them. Charm is one of the essential tools of the trade.

That is why we hate everyone else's congressman but keep re-electing our own scoundrels. If only scoundrels twirled their mustaches and said "Nyah-ah-ah!", there would be fewer of them getting elected.

No, I've met many politicians and I think he is one who has a good presence. Many do, some don't, but he does. Also, his record is excellent.

I'm a little confused by your statement that Romney is poo-pooing "certain factions of the leadership". If you're referring to Palin, he's never had anything but good things to say about her; or any other Republican, as far as I can remember. Even when Huckabee and McCain started double-teaming him all through the primaries, he never took a personal swing at them.