It is said that a lie travels halfway around the world before the truth can put on its shoes.

This weekend, a lie traveled several times around the world, and the truth still is nowhere to be found in the mainstream media.

That lie is that a political target map posted on a Sarah Palin PAC website 10 months ago had anything to do with the shooting by Jared Loughner.

As of this writing, there is not a scintilla of evidence that Loughner ever saw the map, much less was motivated by it.  Connecting the map to the shooting was a monstrous lie.

The lie started with bloggers at DailyKos and Think Progress, then spread throughout the left-blogosphere and then into the mainstream media, which has taken up the theme that “right-wing vitriol” contributed to the shooting.  One of the purveyors of this theory, Sheriff Clarence Dupnik, finally admitted late yesterday afternoon that he had no evidence to support the theory and that it was just his opinion.

The shooting in Arizona brought together the worst instincts of the mainstream media, a desire to get Republicans and Palin Derangement Syndrome.  If it means peddling a ghoulish lie, it’s all in a day’s work.

Before the shooting, I warned that anyone who thought the mainstream media was not still 100% in the tank for Obama needed to think again.  The peddling of lies about the cause of the shooting has proved me to be right, albeit sooner than I thought.

Update:  Must read – Michelle Malkin, The Progressive Primer of Hate, 2000-2010, and Tim Blair, Allahu Palin, documenting a history the mainstream media willingly ignores.

It is becoming clear that Loughner had a longstanding delusional hatred of Congresswoman Giffords, as this interview with Loughner’s close friend in Mother Jones reveals (emphasis mine):

Tierney tells Mother Jones in an exclusive interview that Loughner held a years-long grudge against Giffords and had repeatedly derided her as a “fake.” Loughner’s animus toward Giffords intensified after he attended one of her campaign events and she did not, in his view, sufficiently answer a question he had posed, Tierney says. He also describes Loughner as being obsessed with “lucid dreaming”—that is, the idea that conscious dreams are an alternative reality that a person can inhabit and control—and says Loughner became “more interested in this world than our reality.” Tierney adds, “I saw his dream journal once. That’s the golden piece of evidence. You want to know what goes on in Jared Loughner’s mind, there’s a dream journal that will tell you everything.” ….

Tierney, who’s also 22, recalls Loughner complaining about a Giffords event he attended during that period [2007]. He’s unsure whether it was the same one mentioned in the charges—Loughner “might have gone to some other rallies,” he says—but Tierney notes it was a significant moment for Loughner: “He told me that she opened up the floor for questions and he asked a question. The question was, ‘What is government if words have no meaning?'”

Many are dating the grudge back to the 2007 campaign event, as evidenced by a letter found in Loughner’s safe, which means the hatred of Giffords pre-dated not only Sarah Palin’s appearance on the national stage, but the health care debate and other issues the media falsely is portraying as the cause.

Our mainstream media is so corrupt and biased it almost is beyond belief.

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