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Stuxnet Takes The Day Off

Stuxnet Takes The Day Off

There is nothing happening today.  Or at least not this morning.

I can’t even find a good Stuxnet story to write about.


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Oh, there's always something good. Big Sis's trip to A-Stan, (alleged) AGW is always a winner (with the bonus that EPA is effectively now regulating CO2 by requiring reporting),Elena Kagan and Janet Napolitano look like "Separated at Birth"…there's all kinds of stuff out there.

How about the on-going slaughter of Christians throughout the Moslem world and the fact that not one western government or international agency, especially the human rights agencies, seems to notice. Last night in Alexandria, a car bomb exploded at a New Years eve mass.

Simple! StuxNet has fallen victim to the Y2KXI bug! It MUST be true, since there is no new news! If it's NOT true, then the authors of StuxNet can refudiate the charge.

Hey, it's just a rumor I started. You heard it here first.

re: the car bomb in Alexandria: 7 were killed outright and the number of dead could go higher.

The Egyptian Muslims do this deliberately to the Copts. We should be calling them out over this kind of thing.

You couldn't find a story about Stuxnet, but you got us over here with the mere mention of the name.
Pretty good, Prof!

And Happy New Year to you and yours.