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SOTU Speech In One Sentence

SOTU Speech In One Sentence

The State of the Union speech has a title:

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My God, I don't think I've ever heard a SOTU address that was so wandering and contradictory.

LOL! A paean to gargantuan government.

That speech sucked. There was no coherent theme and Obama didn't seem to learn anything from the last election.

"We do big things?" Yeah, that's the problem, chief. Maybe government should get the hell out of our way.

I just wanna know how Michelle snuck that dress past her mirror!

Of course it was trite. Of course there was no coherent theme. What we saw tonight was the speech of a president who's out of workable ideas.

Obama's got nothing left. He came into office with a set of policy objectives, some of which he accomplished. Everything that he failed to get through the last Congress has absolutely no chance of getting through this Congress. So he's done. There isn't going to be any bipartisan tackling of a major problem, like with Clinton and welfare reform. Obama's finished with trying to accomplish anything.

It doesn't have to be that way. If Obama wanted, he could work with the GOP to do something about entitlements, but he's not interested. For the next two years – or six, if the economy turns around enough – all Obama's going to be doing is eating wagyu beef, going on vacation, and greeting Super Bowl champions. That's what this SOTU was about: Obama mailing in the rest of his presidency.

tldr version: We are going to have to invent our ass out of this mess

sort of runic rhyme | January 25, 2011 at 11:41 pm

The one sentence you aced, Prof. Jacobson. Can the rest of us get away with tortured long constructions, such as?

Obama lectured; his voice wasn't resonant but dampened, with bluish lips pursed in a school-marmish way and gesturing that often ended in an emphatic, close-minded hit upon his resting hand, all sounding and looking dramatically rehearsed to manipulate a gullibly hopeful and massage a cynical public union invested audience with speech content that still came across as condescending, calculated and/or campaigning to a discriminating, so far minority, but growing crop of sentient American lifeforms.

Ryan did fine and OK. Gosh, he has Obama's ears (big and tin) but a thankfully different economic-political approach. Bachman was burned by a cam POV, but the text of her response resonated more cogently with both reason and specifics, at least to this fiscal- constitutional conservative social-whatever (as long as we don't hurt each other and country.)

Don't forget his first priority as Potus…sitting behind the desk in the Oval Office, twirling round and round.

Millions of dollars worth of cuts and Billions of dollars worth of new spending.


The Way Things Normally Work In Washington: Democrats propose an 18% increase in a popular budget item, Republicans propose an 8% increase, Democrats run to the Media Echo Chamber and declare the Republicans are big meanies who hate Children/Old/Poor/Sick/Disabled and are Slashing/Chopping/Decimating their budget -10%.

The Way Things Are Working Now: Republican propose freezing budgets at 2006-2008 levels, Democrats scream "Draconian Cuts!", Republican say "No, its a freeze." Democrats….stall for words.

Its a good thing. Now take away their credit cards and chop up their checkbooks.

Hilltop view – hysterical!

OK, now that the speeches from both sides are done, we have that nonsense over with.
Let's get back to the business of saving the nation. Hammer your reps with the following demands:
– massive tax cuts
– massive spending cuts
– repeal Obamacare
– troops/drones/wall/cameras to the Mexican border
– defund PBS, FCC
– haul all Czars up to Congress for full accounting, defund them all, imprison if necessary

Shouldn't it be Thousand?

You're spoofing George HW Bush's Thousand Points of Light quote, right?

"A million points of trite"
I wish I'd said that!

mmm, for me this was the re-assertion of the liberal obama. he still believes in spend, spend, spend, only this time he called it investing. you know because regular businesses don't invest on their own or aren't good at figuring out what is worthy.

Oh, and then there is this:

The more i think about the line i quote in the post, the more angry i get.