I previously asked you to tell me about Tim Pawlenty, and I learned a lot.

Mitch Daniels also is presented as a conservative with the credentials to unite the base with the establishment without a lot of negatives (other than being conservative, of course).

So tell me about Mitch Daniels.

Update 1-5-2011:  I am surprised to have received so few responses.  For the Pawlenty post, people were much more opinionated.  Anyway, The New York Times ran an interview with Daniels yesterday:

“Congressional Republicans have spent much of the last decade voting for tax cuts and spending increases, all the while giving speeches decrying the deficit. Mr. Daniels, who took office in 2005, has reduced the number of state workers by 18 percent and held spending growth below inflation. He has raised the sales tax to help make up for a property tax cut. Largely as a result, Indiana finds itself in better fiscal shape than many other states.”

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