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Now Known As The “Coffee and Caring Club”

Now Known As The “Coffee and Caring Club”

I will not mention the entity whose name is banned from these pages by popular vote, even though it appears that at least one of its branches doesn’t even want to use its name anymore.

I merely will quote an article (emphasis mine):

The Coffee Party Ithaca Area changed its name to better depict issues worked on. Coffee and Caring Club Ithaca Area is the new name.

Lyn Stone, organizer said, “We’re a local grassroots organization that works on humanitarian, social and political issues that affect our community. We care about the citizenry, have compassion for defenseless animals and affect change by applauding the good and giving praise to those who help make a positive difference.”

Clearly, this is a reactionary uprising:

The next meetup is at 3 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 16 at the Triphammer Mall location of Ithaca Bakery. In honor of Martin Luther King’s birthday, Carol Kammen, author, lecturer, historian and columnist for The Ithaca Journal, will be the guest speaker. She will talk about her article “Any Person” regarding Cornell’s yes you can attend policy when it first began in the 1860s. The only requirement was academic preparation. The color of ones skin, religion, sex, class, etc., was of no concern for admission.

That sort of attitude will get you in a lot of trouble these days. 

Did they leave the [unmentionable group] voluntarily or were they kicked out?

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But no compassion for those animals that can defend themselves. Sorry, dogs and cats.