The most destructive thug in politics (a rather competitive title), Rahm Emanuel, has experienced a blow to his 2011 plans. It was announced today that he has not met the residency requirements to run for the office of the mayor in Chicago. This is despite the fact that “Emanuel had won two previous rulings — by the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners and a Cook County judge. The case was appealed to the appellate court Emanuel … rented out his North Side home while serving as chief of staff to Obama. The renter —Rob Halpin — refused to allow Emanuel to move back in after Mayor Daley’s announcement last year that he would not seek re-election. Halpin briefly ran for mayor himself.”

Chicago is infamous for its “anything goes” political machinery. Yet Rahm’s résumé, filled with gems like Freddie Mac and the first half of the Obama presidency, maybe led them to decide that their fair city was too important to leave to a psychotic goon and thankfully the law gave them a good excuse to deny him that (for now). This makes me wonder what other mischief Emanuel will be up to with his newfound free time. Has he lost his political capital without his title in the Obama administration? Was he blamed for any of the political backlash towards the administration? Maybe he’ll spread his terror by consulting some political campaigns…

Hopefully he’ll go back to his ballerina roots.


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