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Look For, The Union Bumper Sticker

Look For, The Union Bumper Sticker

The view on a reader’s street in Ohio:

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I keep hearing how more buses and more rail makes more jobs, but I never hear how that works. Maybe more unionized transit workers?

Dude, get with the program. Its simple Underpants Gnome theorem application.

Phase 1: More Mass Transit

Phase 2: ?

Phase 3: Jobs and Prosperity for Everyone!

Its all the rage with the Beltway/Academic/NYT crowd. Its the guiding principle of Obama's green jobs initiatives, increased business and health care regulation, etc.

It's simple, Deekaman. How many people are stuck in their houses because they don't have access to buses or relatives or rails or telephones or the internet? That's right. Tens of people. If we start working on transit solutions, that's probably an extra $1,000 of cash flow! A year! Now help me pass this five billion dollar project and we'll get started.