Last week, I reported that a Kennedy miniseries had been nixed. Now it seems the plot has thickened:
“America’s most iconic political dynasty is at the centre of a censorship scandal after a TV network suddenly dropped a multi-million dollar series giving a warts-and-all look at the lives of the Kennedy clan.
Those behind the project believe members of the family “bullied” The History Channel into axing The Kennedys after objecting to the way the drama portrayed the private life and sexual escapades of assassinated president John F Kennedy.”
The truth hurts, folks. Thankfully, when you’re a Kennedy, there’s a nice cushion of money that makes sure you’ll never fall. Apparently Caroline Kennedy and Maria Shriver led the march on the series. When your success essentially hinges on your relation to one name, I suppose it’s rational to throw everything at preserving it’s glory…


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