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It Sounds So Much Better Read Out Loud

It Sounds So Much Better Read Out Loud

A reading of We Just Witnessed The Media’s Test Run To Re-Elect Barack Obama, by Rush Limbaugh today.

It sounds so much better when read out loud (video via The Right Scoop)(transcript here):

And thanks also to Mark Levin for the kind words about the post:

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I support Palin for the reasons the Left are terrified of her. She supports:
American oil
strong defense
no illegal immigration
less government
less taxes
less abortion

oh yay you! el Rushbo and everything, most excellent.

I thought about this for awhile and you are dead right. When the hell did it ever make sense to take "helpful" advice from one's enemies? And it is absolutely guaranteed, the MSM IS an enemy. Nobody should forget the "journolist" as long as one of them is still around spewing his propaganda.

Congratulations! I thought it was good when I read it though.

__t_i_m_o_t_h_y__ | January 20, 2011 at 6:19 pm

No cows on this blog!

Well deserved kudos, Professor! Everywhere I posted this yesterday, I said it was not only worthy of landing in Rush's show prep, but, of a Drudge link as well.
Revel in it, sir.

Most excellent! Start thinking wardrobe. We need to get you a TV pundit spot as well!

I was hoping he would mention David Brooks and John Hinderaker as Frum's Assistant Democrat accomplices.

BTW, Rush read off the blog title as if he had never heard of the #1 legal blog before. Geez Rush, where have you been?

I heard it on both shows and though hey I read that!!! Congrats!

So great for you to get national recognition – again!!! Kudos, sir. When I heard Rush reading this from your blog, I was cheering and laughing! Well deserved, Professor, and always a thrill to have The Great One give you the high 5!!

Keep 'em coming!

You richly deserve your newfound celebrity, sir. Well done, indeed!!

I too thought it was a great post and you had 'em all nailed.

When I heard Rush reading it today I knew many, many conservatives felt as I did.

It is a great post. Congratulations.

Frum-ized. Hahaha!

Not gonna happen. Not gonna do it. 😀

Good work on the analysis!

Virtual hi5 from Azerbaijan. Strange that I know you and I read your post long before many Americans. You are going places….

A woman has to be three times as good to get one third the votes. Sarah Palin – GOVERNOR Palin – almost got John McCain even with Barack Obama EVEN WITH ALL of the media against them, even with dead people voting and ACORN and Soros' multi-pronged forces of evil against them.

Since then she has taken everything they have thrown at her and she remains standing – shining really – and proud. She is the most vetted candidate in the history of the world at this point. She did not need someone's private divorce records unsealed to smooth her way into office. She did not vote 'present' and she did not require people to make up a record for her to run on. She has more moral fiber in her little toe than Obama has in his entire body. She will not bow to dictators, and she will not sell this country down the river. NO other candidate has it. She does.

Our side can either stop with the circular firing squad, picking at hangnails and lamenting that she isn't this or isn't that, and get behind her, or they will have Obama for 4 more years. More if he pulls a Chavez.

Build, people. Do not tear down.

Well deserved recognition Professor Jacobson.

Well done Professor. Thanks again for using your talents and education to clear the thickets and weeds of leftist actions.

Paul C.

Congrats and outstanding! Just heard it on the podcast of yesterday's show. This is dead right and our biggest battles are on our own side, as vile as the Left is. Our side will allow the Left again to choose our candidate and the outcome for the country is too abhorrent to contemplate. Right now there is only 1 person capable of standing up to the false narratives and vile lies and smears of the Left and it is Palin, and too many on our side go right along with them. This HAS to end.

Remember Uncle Joe Stalin? He didn't want a Loyal Opposition. He wanted NO opposition.

The real credit of Sarah Palin is she's so clean, the left constantly has make (stuff) up about her; e.g. She said she can see Russia from her house, she cheated on her husband, she fired a cop to get back at him for dissing her family, she quit her job just so she could make money, and… oh yeah… she tried to kill Gabbby Gifford.

I support Palin because her husband is a hard corps (H/T US Marines) libertarian.

Congratulations! That is so awesome. Well done, sir.

Thank you for a brilliant defense of Sarah Palin and all Republicans generally. And welcome to the very big time!

Congratulations, Professor! Something tells me that this will not be the first post read in its entirety on Rush from this blog. Onwards and upwards!

Sarah Palin speaks the TRUTH, instinctively, without thinking, it’s just plain normal for her. These LIARS on BOTH SIDES, on the other hand, have become so universal and so at ease with their lying it would be pathological on my part to tolerate them anymore. And when they stand next to a genuinely honest person, the light of truth is withering, like a magnifying glass of sunshine on an ant. Every time Sara speaks, you are quickly reminded why LIARS are the most worthless human beings who draw a breath. AND THAT my friends is the REAL reason they ALL hate her sooo (Newt & Rove included). They can’t possibly risk standing next to her.