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Israel Taps into Animal Terror Market Again

Israel Taps into Animal Terror Market Again

There are some topics I only want to cover once: President Obama being elected, Nancy Pelosi being named Speaker of the House, etc. etc.

There are some topics, however, that I can’t get enough of reading about, and insane conspiracy theories involving Israeli trained attack animals is one of them. A few weeks ago, I posted an article about Israeli-trained attack sharks and then rapist Cuban kitties. I speculated the next animal that would be accused, proposing camels.

Apparently my bet was too safe – because this time it was vultures.Saudi Arabian security forces have captured a vulture that was carrying a global positioning satellite (GPS) transmitter and a ring etched with the words “Tel Aviv University.” They suspect the bird of spying for Israel, Maariv-NRG reported Tuesday. The GPS and ring were connected to the bird as part of an long-term project by Israeli scientists that follows vultures’ location and altitude for research purposes.”

I really can’t make this stuff up. Which is probably why it’s so disconcerting…


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A false sense of reality coupled with Jew-hatred is pervasive in the Arab world. It would be funny if the leaders of the world didn't' ignore ti and make excuses for it. These same leaders did the same thing when it came to the Nazis and their Jew-hatred, and that did not end well for millions around the world, its time to wake up and do something about this ignorance before its too late.But then again I wouldn't count on it, the Jew-hatred of the Arab world is only second to the Jew-hatred of the progressive left which seems to run alot of the world's free nations.Joined together, which they have, makes for strange and dangerous bedfellows.

the irony is that they probably really found a vulture with GPS and all that. FOR RESEARCH INTO MIGRATION PATTERNS AND THE LIKE. but in their paranoid mind it becomes "the joooos are spying on us!"

anyway, the last time this kind of thing came up, i had a post i frankly was pretty proud of. it starts out funny, and gets serious and grim by the end, showing exactly where this kind paranoid anti-semitism leads.

I think we've found the real reason for the bird and fish deaths in Arkansas…

Those Juice! What's a good Muslim to do with people clever enough to be a nation of Dr. Doolittle's!? Oy vey, the Juice!

THe Muslims should ban sales of Protocols of the Elders of Zion, trash every memento they have from grand mufti Husseini and his romp with Heinrich Himmler, and join the the reality based community. In that way, the won't be a global laughing stock.

Oh, those Juice!

I understand they're going to make a movie about a huge Israeli shark that terrorizes Egyptian beaches, titled "Jews."

Actually, I'm sorry this got out because the Sayetet, Israeli naval commandos (like our SEALs) have a well-developed array of fish weapons and this blows one part of that arsenal.

William, imagine if the Saudis had captured this particular pigeon:

Waiting for the New York Times to post these stories as fact.

Gee, considering Muslim nations' "historic contributions to math and engineering" that we hear so much about, it is surprising that Muslims overestimate the power of mere Israelis to train sharks, cats, and vultures.