Kay Bailey Hutchison announced today that she will not be seeking re-election for her Senate position. According to Hutchison, she has known this for quite some time. Considering the fact that she ran against Rick Perry for the governorship last year, I doubt that is really the case. However, I welcome her departure for whatever reason it has come about.

The two contenders for the spot are both more suitable, but not by much: David Dewhurst is the current Lt. Gov of Texas and a presumptive heir to the Hutchinson throne. Dewhurst’s resumé doesn’t strike me as particularly impressive. From what I can derive, his major legislative contributions have been largely social (think proposing the death penalty on second-time child predators). I’m just as skeptical about the other rumored contender, Tom Leppert, the current mayor of Dallas. Between his indoor smoking bans, house building ordinances, and taxpayer-funded hotels, he looks more like a Bloomberg “Republican” than a true Texan.

I could easily be wrong and I hope I am. Is anyone a better & more viable prospect for the Hutchison Senate seat from Texas.?


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