In the list of egregious statements made about the Arizona shooting, many media personalities have been embarrassingly (or should be embarrassed, anyway) wrong about the nature of the shooter as details have been uncovered. While I don’t really care much about their opinions, aside from the coverage they get, I rest at night knowing that Keith Olbermann doesn’t really “make decisions” with my tax dollars. What warrants a chill down my spine, though, is the commentary by Hillary Rotten Clinton:

Hillary Clinton started her week on a shameful note, terming crazed Ari zona shooter Jared Loughner an American “extremist” of a sort with the 9/11 hijackers.

She went back for a second helping yesterday in a chat with CNN: “When you cross the line from expressing opinions . . . [to] violent action, that is a hallmark of extremism — whether it comes from the right, the left, from al Qaeda, from anarchists, whoever it is.”

What she means: A maniac with a gun is no different from the 9/11 terrorists. A lone nut is the same as a global network inspired by religious nihilism.

Uh, is this the same person who is supposed to be in charge of our foreign policy? I certainly hope she knows that the distinction between mental illness and political extremism is intelligible and applicable in this instance. (At least it’s clearer than episodes of perjury in most of her political career.)


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