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Head Faking Right, While Driving Left (Part II)

Head Faking Right, While Driving Left (Part II)

From Ezra Klein, a catalogue of Obama-things Bill Daley, the new Chief of Staff, opposed:

Imagine I told you that one of the candidates President Obama is considering for chief of staff opposed the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, opposed doing health-care reform and led the Chamber of Commerce’s effort to loosen the post-Enron regulations on the accounting and auditing professions. His major qualification for the job is that he’s extremely well liked by the business community, in part because he routinely advocates for their interests and in part because he’s a top executive at J.P. Morgan. His theory of politics is that the Democratic Party has become too liberal and needs to tack right. Last year, he doubled down on that argument by joining the board of Third Way.

Oh, and Daley once complained that Democrats were becoming “the black party.”

Obama the pro-business centrist is back, baby!  Obama 2012.

We have seen this move before, it’s called head faking right, while driving left.

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Dear Professor:

When they made Rahm the chief of staff that was supposed to mean the president would be strongly pro-Israel because Rahm had been in the Israeli military….hmmm, not so much…

And then nominates the most rabid anti 2nd amendment ATF agent he can find to run the ATF. Without the 2nd none of the others matter.

That's why it's so useful to have Liberals say they're one thing and do another. Ain't that right, oh-so-Catholic Nancy?

Pasting leopard spots over the tiger stripes.

Daley's simply more skilled at duplicity than is the child in the chair…

If you want a better form of organized graft who is better qualified than a Daley of the Chicago Daley's?