As of late, I really can’t get enough of ragging on the Kennedy family. I don’t normally think about them, I swear my blood pressure is relatively low, but I keep seeing stories pop up about them and the glossy picture writers paint has never ceased to irritate me. (Probably because I was born to an Irish Catholic family that didn’t bother with mob connections to make it in America…) Today was no different, as it is the fiftieth anniversary of JFK swearing in. “[When] President John F. Kennedy took the oath of office [he] called for a fresh start with a reminder that “civility is not a sign of weakness” and [said] his famous request to “ask what you can do for your country.””

Personally, I find the “ask what you can do” line a bit dated. In the age of Obamacare, internet censorship, large public unions (thanks in part to you, JFK!), and sky-high taxes, I think it is more relevant to ask what my country is doing to me. I will gladly celebrate a president who asks that!

But it goes on… “On Thursday, Caroline Kennedy will gather members of her father’s administration, civil rights activists, astronaut Buzz Aldrin and others to celebrate the 35th president’s legacy. She and Jimmy Fallon also plan to talk about a new public service campaign aimed at youth.” I give Caroline credit, she’s had a busy week between lobbying for the History Channel to nix a miniseries and trying to arrange this thing. Maybe she’s preparing to run for office — again.

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