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From ABC News:

President Obama’s dramatic news at last night’s memorial service in Tucson that Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ has just minutes before opened her left eye for the first time since the shooting has created some confusion in light of news from doctors that Giffords “could open her eyes” on Sunday.

But doctors today provided a simple explanation: Wednesday was the first time Giffords opened her eyes on her own, which Giffords’ neurosurgeon, Dr. Michael Lemole Thursday called “a major milestone.”

“When we examine patients, particularly in this state we have to ‘wake them up,’ give them some stimulus, and with that stimulus they might crack their eyes,” Lemole said today. “That’s very different from speaking to someone and having them open their eyes, or having them open their eyes spontaneously in response to familiarity.”

“Eyes” in the case of Giffords is actually just “eye” since her right eye is bandaged.

Whatever, it was the most poignant and moving part of the speech, the part everyone will remember for the rest of their lives, so we can forgive some minor clarifications.


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Ah yes, the Lazarus moment.

It was very effective but unfortunately the whole forum was staged. I was pleased to see we were a 'Judeo-Christian Nation' last night, but that's because we are when the political correctness takes 15 minute break.

The real miracle is that Ms. Giffords continues to recover. But making the 6 deaths of the innocents an opportunity to spot check whether Barak Obama is a competent leader of the United States of America, shows our brokenness.

I was embarrassed the rest of the world had to watch this spectacle of the fractured left trying to prove Obama really does have it. The time to be convinced is over. He's just looking more insignificant to reality.

Remember the rest of their lives? Maybe the victims and families will, but otherwise I think not.

I thought from last night's Obama revival meeting that there was some laying of hands involved.

Do you think that the media would have rushed to report an explanation of this "minor" discrepancy if it had been W instead?

I'll mostly remember the wildly inappropriate whooping and hollering for the rest of my life. I kept expecting the President of UA to tell the crowd, "YA'LL MAKE SOME NOOOOOOOOYYYYYYYZE!"

I am sorry, I see people shot almost every day. I can not tell you how many I have seen with head wounds. So it is very difficult for me to understand all this emotion. Why doesn't the president come to my home town and go on about all the people that have been injuried by the nuts that the Dems so proudly have allowed out of the insane institutions since the 60's. This shoting was the responsibility of a political party. But not the conservatives. It is was caused by the lax attitude of the liberals toward the violent nature of mental illness.

sort of runic rhyme | January 13, 2011 at 5:19 pm

Ah, President Messiah.

A man or woman I'd vote for wouldn't even mention a critically injured person opening her eyes upon his visitation, even were it true.

I remain skeptical as to the truth of the matter but disgusted, in either event, as to its use for political advantage and for a national memorial to all of the several non-political victims of an obviously sick mental.

Did this terible local event require Barack's august officiating and opining in a gym sloganeered rally, especially days after his press and nutroot supporters repeatedly imputed false cause as to the tragedy and committed slander for political advantage?

Upon his visitation, the President of Every American Obama gave his congrats to the local highly partisan buffoonish sheriff who took every opportunity to politicize a psycho's act and condemn conservatives' speech and agenda having nothing to do with the perp's homocidal derangement.

Most of us wish the best for Giffords and other struggling victims, while the idea of their reaching "open eyes" and fuller life again remains a sincere hope and not a cheapened, needing to be clarified, moment for political purpose, then cover.

let's be honest about this event: the only reason she opened her eye after Ear Leader left was to make sure he was really gone and to see if the First Failure and his entourage of incompetents and shoe lickers had stolen anything from the room.

I think people are missing the Big Picture on this.

Obama's healing aura completely negates the "need" for Healthcare Reform. Just have him go from city to city, healing the lepers with his mere presence. Talk about bending the cost curve down!

I understand he's feeling stifled because of all the time he has to spend in Washington, so he'd probably jump at the chance to visit other places.

Other than the political pep rally atmosphere at the beginning, I say give credit where credit is due. I agree with the professor, it was a "good speech". But, could someone please "open my eyes" and tell me what "EXPAND OUR MORAL IMAGINATIONS" means?

I know this is bad of me, and I'll probably go to hell (at least my wife said so), but if you have a Memorial service for Congresswoman Giffords, should she be dead? (And what with the T shirts)

We all knew that Obama can give a good speech, why is every body amazed?

I can tell you authoritatively that Gifford's change in status yesterday was most likely because of this:

They decreased her sedation!

It wasn't because of some beautiful, symbolic coincidence or the messianic power of Obama.

Papa B said…

Other than the political pep rally atmosphere at the beginning, I say give credit where credit is due. I agree with the professor, it was a "good speech". But, could someone please "open my eyes" and tell me what "EXPAND OUR MORAL IMAGINATIONS" means?
January 13, 2011 7:09 PM

I think it's like "conscience dreaming". You'd have to check with Jared Loughner though to be sure.