There have been multiple false narratives involved in the Tucson shooting.

The first false narrative was that Sarah Palin, Tea Parties and conservatives were responsible, directly or indirectly, for the shooting.  That narrative has been thoroughly debunked in the past week, although writers such as Paul Krugman and political figures such as Clarence Dupnik still cling to the fantasy.

One other person who clung to the fantasy that right-wing vitriol inspired Jared Lougner was Eric Fuller, one of the shooting victims, who immediately blamed Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Sharron Angle and the Tea Party movement in general for the shootings.

Fuller thus became the new left-wing narrative of the Tucson shooting, a military veteran whose view was held out as proof that — the facts be damned — there was a connection between right-wing political speech and the Tucson violence.

This new Fuller narrative also had a warning attached to it, that “wingnuts” would attack Fuller for expressing his views:

  • LGF:  “Now watch as Andrew Breitbart, Jim Hoft, and the rest of the right wing blogosphere go into overdrive to smear Mr. Fuller.”
  • Crooks and Liars:  “Cue the right-wing waaaaaahmbulance. I wonder if Megyn Kelly or Bill O’Reilly will bring Fuller on Fox to browbeat him as they did Sheriff Dupnik for expressing the same view.”

Now Fuller has self-destructed, and is under arrest for making a death threat towards a local Tea Party leader.  That Tea Party leader, Trent Humphries, has been falsely accused in the left-wing media of “blaming” Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords for the shooting.  Fuller has been sent to a mental hospital by authorities.

So another Tucson shooting false narrative, the wingnut attack machine, has fallen by the wayside.

Fuller was criticized, including by me, not because he expressed his view, but because his view of right-wing culpability in the Tucson shooting was pure fantasy divorced from any factual reality.  It was this same lack of factual basis which caused the “wingnuts” to spend the past week fighting the smears spread by the left-blogosphere, mainstream media and some Democratic politicians.

Fuller’s view of right-wing culpability in the Tucson shooting was crazy, and now it turns out Fuller and the narrative built around him were as well.

Update:  Media Matters, the mother ship of Democratic Party messaging, sought to use Fuller’s statements to shape the news coverage, issuing a post which quoted Fuller at length, including this statement from Fuller

“I know they’re just going to attack, they would probably attack me. They’ll distort. Particularly Miss Blood Libel herself. The spoiled princess party. I am willing to take them on. I want to call them out and see if they have a peep to say.”


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