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Abortion Carnage in NYC

Abortion Carnage in NYC

These numbers from NYC on the abortion rate are shocking in a world where shocking has ceased to have much meaning.  As summarized by CBS News:

“The city health department last month released statistics that showed 39 percent of pregnancies ended with induced termination in 2009.”

This equates to 90,000 abortions in NYC annually.

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If Republicans were the prime architects and supporters of a policy (universal abortion on demand) that resulted in the termination of 60% of black pregnancies, there would be unending bloody riots in every major city and international sanctions and/or military intervention for genocide.

But its Democrats, so hey, its cool. Good intentions and all that.

This is very sad.Obama promised the Pope that he would do all in his power to make abortion rare.And I ask you,what has he done?Pass Health Care reform that has Planned Parenthood building new clinics to await the federal money that will come in.
I wonder if it is bad Karma to lie to the Pope.

With numbers like these, it is really that crazy to suggest that maybe certain people should just be sterilized?

in the cold callous calculations of demographics, the upside to this is that most of those children would, like as not, grown up to be Democratic voters.

A very sad statistic indeed. Heart breaking.

God help us.

Welcome to New York, would you like a complimentary fetus? We seem to have quite a few of them.